Finding the Light: Destiny 2 from the Fresh Perspective of a First Timer

Alex Thomas of COGconnected - Having never played the first Destiny, I look at the opinion of a newcomer to the series as I try out Destiny 2 with no previous experience.

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HeyNowChillax327d ago (Edited 327d ago )

"everyone falls into place for the greater good" Well, more like everyone meets up to score some legendary and exotic engrams, its crickets otherwise. Beautiful art direction, excellent music score, but now that I'm at 270 and the weapon improvements have dried up there isn't much else to do. The grind does get repetitive after real gains are lost. Still I played around 35+ hours coop and definitely got my money's worth. Wise move not to buy the expansion until the DLC is proven to add to the game. The vanilla story is well, vanilla but better than the first in that there is actually a story. Just remember you'll beat it in about 6-8 hours which is not so epic. I'd rate this game an 8.2 with room for improvement and will check back for future DLC. As for now, tons of great games coming out this season; until then back to Warframe.

bennissimo327d ago

Just got up to 271, and I agree 100% that the end-game content out of the package is sparse. I'm holding off on starting a new character and am moving on to another game now. I'll come back to D2 later to start a different character in a new class, because that seems to be the only thing I can do in the game to really spice things up.

FullmetalRoyale327d ago (Edited 327d ago )

My friend and I are taking *our time with it, mostly so we don't run through everything, so the grind hasn't set it yet for us. But yeah, that musical score goes from really good to straight up nasty at times.
I fell off the proverbial cliff with Destiny when the dlc came around, but we plan on keeping up with the content releases, but at a slower pace than most.

gbsrnctaln327d ago

Art direction, visuals (ps4pro), music ans story are SO much better than D1. Story missions are some of the best fps campaign missions I have ever played. World is huge, planets are beautiful, intrrface is much more streamlined. This game is a classic!

deadwiseman85327d ago

Boring and repetitive. Why oh why do gamers get dragged in to buy this crap is beyond me. It's your money , so I'm glad that some people seem to enjoy it, but me I rather spend my money on good games ( nier automata, yakuza, witcher 3)