PlayStation Needs to Let Cross-Play Happen

Cross Play among multiple platforms has been in gamer's dreams for a long time. Only PlayStation stands in front of this idea from becoming full reality.

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AspiringProGenji449d ago (Edited 449d ago )

Except they have allowed cross play with PC with no problem and there's Dragon Quest with other consoles too

JaguarEvolved449d ago

"PlayStation should give Xbox advantages that doesn't benefit PlayStation much". Sony should put PlayStation exclusives on Xbox also because that'll benefit Xbox gamers and be detrimental to Sony but at least it's good for gamers. S/

thorstein448d ago

True to an extent. I don't think we'd lose anything if Minecraft were Crossplay: PS4 X and Switch. There are other games that would also benefit from cross play. However, what you say has merit as well.

itsmebryan448d ago

What advantage is PlayStation giving Xbox with cross play? It will only be third party games that are multiple platform already.

RememberThe357448d ago

The advantage of not having to buy and PS4 to play with your friends.

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Xx_Pistol_xX448d ago

@thorstein It's the fact that Microsoft wants to put Xbox Live on other platforms in order to do Cross Play. They want Xbox Live which is a version of Windows to be a service they put on everything.

Xx_Pistol_xX448d ago

@itsmebryan How much money do you think Sony put into making PSN the preferred place to play?

OMGitzThatGuy448d ago

@Pistol that was only for minecraft and that is because its a MS game and that allows purchases to be crossplatform smart guy. Where are the MS accounts for Rocket League?

OmnislashVer36448d ago (Edited 448d ago )

Dunno, I'm PS4 and would gladly welcome Xbox players. Even better if we can get 5-10 friends from another network on our PSN accounts. What's wrong with more players? You guys don't have Xbox friends?

Xx_Pistol_xX447d ago

@OMGitzThatGuy Trust that Rocket League on the Nintendo Switch will need to use Xbox Live to log in because Rocket League uses Microsoft Cross Network. And of course it makes sense that out of all the games that Microsoft could buy they purchase a game that was on most platforms and even extend to the title to platforms the game was previously never going to release on.

inveni0447d ago

Microsoft only wants to allow cross play with Playstation users who have signed into an Xbox Live account. That's why it's stupid for Sony to try and work with them. The problem isn't Sony. The problem is Microsoft.

andrewsquall447d ago

"Where are the MS accounts for Rocket League?"

Lol, we don't know yet. Isn't cross play between Xbox and Switch on Minecraft and Rocket Leagues not even actually available yet.
It's funny because people are talking since E3 as if it can be done right right now.
Rocket League isn't even out on Switch and Cross Play launched last week on Minecraft WITHOUT the Switch support.

Bleucrunch447d ago

You are awesome for that post. Even though I see no rebuttal but folks will try.

dcbronco447d ago

I believe Sony looks at it from the point of people being able to play with friends. If most have a PlayStation there is pressure on those with an Xbox to buy PlayStation if they want to play with their friends. If you can already play with them without a PlayStation you might not bother. It makes good business sense for Sony not to do it. They should just say that.

thorstein447d ago

@pistol (and others) I know that. I wasn't talking about that. I was simply stating that it would be great to allow players to play Minecraft, no matter the platform. Weird that the statement I agree with gets 100+ agrees but I ended up with 2.

Reading comprehension people, reading comprehension.

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darthv72449d ago

"Needs" is the wrong term. "Should" is more like it as they really dont need to do anything but it would be nice if they did.

Last gen, Balmer (head of MS) was only concerned with destroying sony (and failed) so maybe it was because of him that relations are somewhat broken today despite MS having a new head that is open to such things. If MS and Nintendo can come to some sort of accord then no reason Sony and MS can't either.

It's all politics

Rude-ro448d ago

The message is still the same and Microsoft is trying to monopolize the online presence. Period. The spokes person/s are nothing but makeup.
Microsoft want crossplay, then approach Sony and ask them what the stipulations are and agree.
Not the other way around.

darthv72448d ago

@rude-ro, "approach Sony and ask them what the stipulations are and agree."

that would be all well and good, provided the offer was still on the table (from Sony last gen).

Xx_Pistol_xX448d ago

@Rude-ro Thank God that someone else does some research. Tim Sweeney talked about UWP a long time ago. What most people forget is that XBox Live is a modified version of Windows.

generic-user-name448d ago

"If MS and Nintendo can come to some sort of accord then no reason Sony and MS can't either. "

Not quite the same thing. It was mutually beneficial for both MS and Ninty to do cross play (with one single game) because of the lower player counts (especially Switch). Plus you have to look at how Nintendo aren't quite direct competition as they were a couple gens ago, the Switch is almost it's own thing. Also, I don't recall MS and Ninty ever having big beef like MS did/does with Sony or Sony does/did with Ninty.

Edito447d ago

I agree with you but i really don't see how this would benefit Sony.

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rpvenom448d ago

Here's a theory.. do you guys ever think that.. because of the amount of players on psn vs xboxlive have now a huge gap between the two.. a lot of people who are on xbox have friends on playstation.. and so are considering making the move to playstation for the larger user base.. xboxlive has less players.. so people who like multiplayer will want to be on the network with the bigger user base to enjoy their MP. so technically speaking.. if sony allowed cross play with xbox, then xbox can continue to maintain their user base rather than losing them to sony.. but why would sony want that? sony wants to reign supreme over xbox thus making sense that they would not allow cross play.. xbox is losing and it will remain that way as long as they lock it down. again just a theory.

darthv72448d ago (Edited 448d ago )

I dont believe the gap is as large as people think. If i recall... the number of PS+ members (not just PSN members) is around 25-26+ million. Which happens to be about the same amount of Gold members (not just xbl members) @ 25-26+ million. Not every PS4 unit sold equates to a PS+ membership same as with the XBO units. There are a number of users who have purchased multiple units of PS4 as well as XBO. Still... it could make for some interesting multiplayer events.

Pitting these two camps against each other could be financially sound to both Sony and MS. Now i don't know what percentage of gamers subscribe to both services but that is also a possibility just as it's possible for there to be a percentage of gamers who have both a PS4 and XBO but only subscribe to just one of these services.

448d ago
darthv72448d ago

@seniyah... this is the info as of March this year.

XBL Gold members accounts for nearly half (or more) of all XBL members due to the requirement of Gold for multiplayer so it isnt that far off base to say the paid member count is pretty even on both services.

rainslacker448d ago (Edited 448d ago )

I think we're at a point in the generation where console migration is probably not really that much of a significant concern. For the most part, if people were that concerned with playing with their friends, they probably would have determined what to get long ago. Maybe some of the newcomers coming in with more hardcore friends who already jumped in, but I doubt those people are so fussed with console preference to really be fussed about which console to get, and I doubt cross play would be much of a determining factor for them

There is some merit to going with the system with a larger online presense for those that like MP though. However, given that Sony has almost all the major MP games on lock with their marketing deals means that cross play probably wouldn't be much of a factor for new buyers.

When it comes to cross play, there is this ongoing fallacy that you can play with your friends. As of right now, there are only a few limited games which let you connect directly to your friends, mostly MMO's. Hoping that cross play somehow enables playing with friends, when it actually doesn't, would lead to a very disappointed person if they assumed it'd be possible and they brought a different console than their friends.

Anyhow, it's hard to say if cross play would have any noticeable effect on console sales. It's an untested metric. PC/PS3 cross play didn't cause any sort of mass migration, and while they are separate markets, the other parts about playing with friends and stuff.

TFJWM448d ago

@darthv72 "XBL Gold members accounts for nearly half (or more) of all XBL members due to the requirement of Gold for multiplayer so it isnt that far off base to say the paid member count is pretty even on both services."

Do you have anything to back this up? Every Windows 10 user is counted as a XBL member by MS now since an XBL account is created when you create a log-in account. No way 1/2 of every XBL member is gold...

darthv72447d ago

@tfj, i do not but your assumption would also be inaccurate due to the info provided by dualshockers about there being over 52+ million xbl members.

If w10 required the creation of an xbl account then that number would be significantly higher considering the adoption rate of w10. The last info was related to xb members and at the peak of gold the rate was greater than 60% it has now dropped to about 50% paid memberships.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen447d ago

That's the reason. Sony has absolutely nothing to gain and Microsoft will reap all the benefits while doing nothing.

TankCrossing447d ago (Edited 447d ago )

@Rainslacker I am hoping that Sony are waiting until such a time as they can offer cross-play properly, with the social features gamers have apparently come to take for granted. Friends lists, parties, and chat at the very least.

At the moment the Rocket League devs are building their own cross-platform party system which is great, but having devs re-build these features on a per-game basis defeats a lot of what is good about the console experience.

If Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo etc can collaborate on a cross-platform play and social feature integration/toolkit it'd be perfect for gamers and devs alike. It might not seem very advantageous for Sony right now, but lest we forget the PS4 roared to success on the back of the message that Sony built it for devs and #4ThePlayers. Gotta be some merit and some wisdom in that philosophy, right?

Aenea447d ago


Sure, those PS+ numbers are accurate, the Gold ones are not tho, they aren't known.

Let's look at the total number of Xbox Ones sold (which isn't actually known but some companies believe they do know), that's about the number of PS+ subscribers. You think each and every Xbox One owner subscribes to Gold?

Perhaps the percentage is higher with Xbox, but it certainly isn't 100%...

That's highly doubtful

darthv72447d ago (Edited 447d ago )

@arena, you are forgetting there are people who still play online with the 360. since my comment was about PS+ and Gold then it encompasses those who pay to play online not those who ONLY pay to play on xbo and ps4.

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rainslacker448d ago

People forget about that because they don't actually care about cross play, and if I had to guess, probably didn't realize most of the time if they were playing a cross play game. Cross play has certainly never affected the sales of a game, and it's rarely discussed when it's been available in the past for any particular game. Usually just a press release which goes under the radar, if anything at all.

ShottyatLaw448d ago

Doesn't that undercut the argument that crossplay would hurt Sony's business, though?

If it has no effect on sales, then what's the issue? Surely it wouldn't go even further and impact console and subscription sales?

All the more reason to just let it happen for the minority who think it's a good idea.

rainslacker447d ago

I suppose it does undercut it. But I've never been one to say that it would hurt their business. Maybe some really insignificant amount, but it probably balances out on the opposite side of things where people wouldn't buy another system to play with their friends. Otherwise, I'm of the belief that it is neither good or bad from a business standpoint. Granted, what I believe may not be the same reasoning these console makers would have, so can't say if they feel one way or the other from a business perspective.

I'm all for it happening, despite my normal comments on the subject. I'm actually indifferent if it does happen or not though. I see no downside from the player base side of things, don't feel there is any real business reason to prevent it. I do feel there may be other more internal concerns that could be holding it up within the companies themselves, or they just aren't really trying that hard to communicate to make it happen, or the possibility that one is actively just saying no just because they can or feel there is some problem that they aren't comfortable with.

ShottyatLaw447d ago

I can appreciate that, and I wasn't insinuating that you were one of the "got to think of the business" protesters.

I do agree that it wouldn't greatly impact sales. Any negative effect on console or PSN sales would easily be negated by the positive of Sony marketing the PS4 as the only console you need, even if you play with friends on Xbox.

Indifference is fair imo. Your comments on the issue are well taken. I'll never understand why some consumers act so zealously about a feature that at worst has no effect on them, and at best makes some gamers' experience more enjoyable.

448d ago
_-EDMIX-_447d ago

Pretty much, you know you're dominating a generation when the opposition's Most Wanted feature is simply playing with your community.



Xx_Pistol_xX447d ago

@generic-user-name Nintendo plays nice with Microsoft because they don't have a competing online.

S2Killinit447d ago

Let me fix it:
"Xbox needs Playstation to allow cross play"

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Nyxus449d ago

Would I be against cross-play? No. Do I think it's necessary? No.

wonderfulmonkeyman447d ago

Ten bucks says the only reason you've got 31+ upvotes is because you put in the second part.
If you had just said no to the first, you'd be at 31 downvotes.XD

PhoenixUp449d ago

PlayStation was the first platform that enabled crossplay

ThinkThink449d ago (Edited 449d ago )

So why be against it now? When did cross play become such a negative thing? It's supposed to be the opposite. If you don't like the idea of cross play, just don't use it. Why try and spoil it for those that do?

Goldby448d ago

they arent against cross play as there are alot of titles on ps4 that are cross play.

let me know when FFIV is cross play on Xbox.. better yet, let me know when its out on Xbox.

They are saying no to Xbox this gen because from a business standpoint, it isn't worth it for them currently as they are ahead in sales, and have countless games being released on a month by month basis.

i could care less about cross play, but if it were to happen, the only way to see who is truly behind the idea is to have it happen at the start of the Generation aka ps5 and xb2. when both companies are on a fair level ground

448d ago
generic-user-name448d ago

Why be so 'pro cross play' now all of a sudden when Sony say no? Kept quiet when MS had the larger online playerbase and they were saying no.

wonderfulmonkeyman447d ago (Edited 447d ago )

"They aren't against cross play"
The devs behind Rocket League have been trying to get Sony to say yes to cross play with Switch for a while now.
No dice.
This isn't about Microsoft; Microsoft was just as stupid about this last gen as Sony is being now.
This is about Sony being super-selective about cross play in general.
Outside of PC and some old ports, Sony isn't really going all-in with other consoles on this, and for the most BS and asinine reasons to boot. {"Oh, but da CHILLDWEEEEN!"}

Being such big Sony fans, I find it astounding how you can't see that they're acting just like Microsoft did last gen, and that you aren't AGAINST that.
You should be wanting Sony to be BETTER than that, more INCLUSIVE than that, to the greatest extent possible.

447d ago
gangsta_red447d ago


"hey are not against the concept, they are against how some publishers and companies are trying to implement it."

Exactly how are they trying to implement it? What has Sony said or shown to make you say that Sony is against how these 3rd party developers are implementing cross play with other consoles?

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wonderfulmonkeyman447d ago (Edited 447d ago )

They're also the ones being overly-selective about it for BS reasons like "protecting the children".
That needs to stop.

447d ago
ziggurcat447d ago (Edited 447d ago )

can you please cite the specific line in their official policy that says they aren't doing cross play with Xbox to "protect the children"?

and before you throw the Jim Ryan interview at me: an idiotic, off-the-cuff statement by an individual who doesn't represent the whole company isn't an official policy.