The Charming Booth Ladies of Tokyo Game Show 2017 Will Brighten Your Monday

Mondays tend to be bleak and boring, but yours can start a little better by taking a look at the beauties that brightened Tokyo Game Show 2017.

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melikepopcorn361d ago

Wow, the lowest of the low in gaming journalism...

yarbie1000361d ago

99% of guys are still normal and enjoy looking at beautiful women. And most women enjoy dressing up and getting attention from men. Especially ones who sign up to be a model.

melikepopcorn361d ago

N4G stands for News 4 Gamers. If you consider this as gaming news than I have nothing else to say. Cleavage and boobs have nothing to do with gaming, period.

2pacalypsenow361d ago (Edited 361d ago )

"Cleavage and boobs have nothing to do with gaming, period."

Tell that to Capcom, and Tecmo

Abriael361d ago (Edited 361d ago )

They've as much to do with gaming as any of the tens of posts about cosplay we get every week. I don't see you protesting there. That's what the culture/offbeat category is for,

PS: Booth companions in Asian countries, and especially in Japan, are considered much more than "boobs and cleavage." Might want to learn a bit more about different gaming cultures. It's quite enriching

Bahamut361d ago


Team Ninja, Square Enix, and so so many more lol.

ImGumbyDammit361d ago (Edited 361d ago )

@melikepopcorn "cleavage and boobs have nothing to do with gaming, period." Have you actually ever seen the games that come out in Japan? Actually most never make it to the West. In Japan there is a good percentage of games that are based on large breasted young girls (sometimes too young IMO). Just look on the N4G home page at some of the games. I can't make up a better point. There are always 2 or 3 articles about on Japanese games containing such big boob women in the game.

Case and point (top stories now showing on the home page right now!):

Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash

Dragon's Crown Pro Looks Gorgeous

pinkcrocodile75360d ago

It's women, so I don't really care. Now shirtless muscle guys with a cute bum and hammer in their pants will do just fine. "Oh pit crew" (thats a rupaul's drag race reference if you didn't know)

I didn't bother keeping on topic with this thread, because this is... well it's a sh!te thread!

Adrian_v01360d ago

When it's a girl showing boobs and butts it's cause they like to gain attention from males and all is good, when it's a guy voicing his opinion against it it's feminist,sjw,ballless,leftist trash (insert every other degradatory term).

I really do hope most users are below 15 years old, if this is grown up guys behaving like this then man what have we come to.

dcbronco360d ago


Cultures are different and an adult response is acceptance of this. Criticism based on your personal beliefs is the immature way of viewing it. Believing age plays a role goes right into the category bin with sjw and leftist. In the US you have conservatives who would criticize Japan for womanizing, especially young girls. But 70+% of Americans identify as Christian and have no issue with god impregnating a 14-15 year old through immaculate conception. Which is really, really odd considering US views on early pregnancy and teen maturity. God entrusted a young teen with an impossible pregnancy. And considering Japan is proven so much more enlightened than America in many ways we need to learn a lot more before we criticize.

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Dragonscale361d ago ShowReplies(1)
yarbie1000361d ago

You'll fit right in with the hivemind at Neogaf

Mr-Dude361d ago (Edited 361d ago )

Haha yeah.. Neogaf... let me barf for a second.

Ants909361d ago (Edited 361d ago )

Who gives a fook, who doesn't like hot asian chicks?
It's a natural evolutionary mechanism to be attracted to the opposite sex and reproduce.
We like boobies, biologically speaking.

Asuka361d ago

Cool opinion bro...

I beg to differ tho

tee_bag242361d ago

Actually he's right. Factually and scientifically.

Asuka361d ago (Edited 361d ago )


actually... there is nothing "factual" about what he said... and if you want some science and fun facts... water is not wet. "wetness" is not a property of water as you cannot measure the amount of wetness a liquid has, but you can measure the viscosity. "Wet" is merely a sensation you feel associated with your interaction with water or any liquid at that. You can also measure moisture content, volume, and etc.

There you go. Whether you believe that fun fact or not wasn't the point. the point was i answered your ridiculous comment with one of mine own. Happy learning bro

2pacalypsenow361d ago (Edited 361d ago )


It's a video game, there is no guidelines to what can and cant be consider part of it, normal men will be attracted to this and it helps sell games.

ShadowWolf712361d ago

These women also serve to chat with people waiting in line to help pass the wait time, explain game mechanics, offer tips on how to win, answer questions about the game.

That they happen to be nicely dressed or in cosplay is but one of their duties. Stop reducing them to that.

FunAndGun361d ago Show
NiteX361d ago

I feel pretty sorry for you. How could you be such a bore to not even enjoy beautiful women? You know it's not a crime to be a straight male, right? Find your balls again man.

jokerisalive361d ago

Dont know how beautiful girls is low.....last time I checked they are very easy on the eyes and men usually love them. Its ok to look at a pretty girl and admire her especially when they are doing it of their free will thru modeling for a game or cosplay or whatever other reasons they may have. The world isnt going to end because some guy saw a cute girl modeling for a game show and enjoyed it.

OffRoadKing361d ago

See here's one of those feminists I was talking about. I told you so.

xPaYDaYx361d ago

They do this every year what are you talking about? Also what is wrong with admiring the females that are doing there job? They know what they sign up for and if they don't want people gawking about it then they need to find a new profession.

bluefox755361d ago

'Cleavage and boobs have nothing to do with gaming, period."
Wrong. It's been a huge part of gaming culture for a long time, despite the best efforts of feminists to remove it.

spreadlove360d ago

I forgot boot babes is still a thing. I agree, it is a low for dualshockers, but what did you expect of them?

They been hawking their "news" on this site for so long and they are among the better ones. Better shit, but still shit.

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masterfox361d ago

it sure broaden my day...I mean brighten..brighten my day.

Eidolon361d ago

I'm definitely working harder now.

blanka4545361d ago

nice way to start Monday to wake up haha!

DivineAssault 361d ago

Im a sucker for hot asian women

Enjoigamin361d ago

They cross my mind 4 times a day....unfortunatly not very many around 0 :(

ImGumbyDammit361d ago

What are you sucking for all these hot Asian women? And are they paying you to do it?

DivineAssault 361d ago

What? That was not only stupid but ignorant too

81BX361d ago

Booth ladies? How fancy. Show me to the booth babes!

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