Assassin’s Creed: Origins Runs Better on Xbox One X Than It Does on PC So Far [Wccftech]

The hands-on from EGX 2017 highlighted that Assassin’s Creed: Origins seems to be in a better shape on Xbox One X rather than PC, at least for now.

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melikepopcorn299d ago

What kind of PC did you test it on?

Razzer298d ago

We don't know that. We don't know anything about the hardware they tested. It is needed information.

Pantz298d ago

You need a $2000+ PC to compete with the XOX to be sure. But is sounds like the XOX may still be better for some games.

bluefox755298d ago (Edited 298d ago )

@pantz Lmao, you don't even need a $700 PC to beat XOX. That's funny though. This is just lazy optimization from the devs, nothing new in the AC series. Remember Unity?

DarXyde298d ago (Edited 298d ago )


I'm not sure if you're on something or you've been drinking the Kool-Aid, but either way, wrong.


Oh? Do go on. I'd love to hear about this $700 build. Do be specific.

Pantz298d ago

I suppose you could get a Nice Graphics card for $500 on a sale. You kind of need something to put it in though...

EddieT298d ago (Edited 298d ago )

Matching an Xbox One X can legitimately be done with a $550 - $600 PC. A G4560 CPU handily beats the jaguar in the console and a GTX 1060 6GB allows 4K60 Ultra gameplay in Forza Motorsport 7.

LastCenturyRob298d ago would need $800 to $900 to be on par with what the X can do....but, yeah $2000 was a bit of a stretch with Pants's comment.

AspiringProGenji298d ago

Mine didn't cost $2000. It was $1650 with a GTX 1080. There was another build at $1200 with a GTX 1060 which also beats the Xbox One X. Anyone spending over $2000 must be super enthusiast. So you must be refering to a budget <$1000 PC

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_-EDMIX-_298d ago

It's Ubisoft. I think they were going to have issues regardless.

I seriously thought they were doing a better job on PC since after the whole Assassin's Creed Unity debacle.

298d ago
shaggy2303298d ago

It could also be a possibility that developers/publishers perhaps don't put as much money/effort into their PC ports than they should.

I mean how much effort would you put into a game on PC if you knew that on day of release a cracked version will be available for download, meaning you lose sales.

Just a thought.

_-EDMIX-_298d ago

@shaggy-that's exactly what I think it is

kevnb298d ago

Unity is best on pc, it ran ridiculously bad on console.

_-EDMIX-_297d ago



Best out of process of elimination, by default? Because when it's unplayable on all platforms and having an absolute ridiculous host of bugs and glitches, I don't know what there is to really brag about having the least amount of bugs in the PC version when it's also riddled with bugs still.

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peppeaccardo298d ago

is probably running on half cpu .. because of miscommunication ...

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TheKingKratos299d ago

What kind of PC and why not on the Pro as well ?

lelo2play298d ago

Because Microsoft has a marketing deal with Ubisoft for Assassin’s Creed Origins. We'll only see the PS4 version on release. Sony does the same thing with their 3d party marketing deals.

TejasTV298d ago

This and also they M$ can purposely gimp the pc version to make their Scorpio seem better.

sd11298d ago

@TejasTV. It has nothing to do with MS gimping any version. This is often the unfortunate problem with PC's and it is one of the reasons I like console gaming over pc (despite owning both). It happens more than it should. Look at the previous Batman, that took months to work on PC, yet ran well on consoles. Consoles are a closed system with a single development kit, which makes optimising easier. PC's are so open that it is far more difficult to take advantage of the hardware inside.

As for the final version. It could be patched and improved by both Ubisoft and through GPU driver updates. But it is certainly not MS going around gimping pc versions, that's a bit ridiculous because they want windows 10 to be a stable part of their gaming future.

Harmy666298d ago

TBH, Sony has done it with the previous Assassin's Creed games. Microsoft just won the deal this time. I've seen interviews with Ubisoft devs saying how they were really impressed by the XOX hardware. Whether or not that is paid scripts, I don't know. But on the surface, they seem impressed.

ONESHOTV2298d ago (Edited 298d ago )

sd11---- come on dude your whole comment is filled with nothing but sh--t "Look at the previous Batman, that took months to work on PC, yet ran well on consoles" dude really? because the last time I checked I could have maxed the game out on my rig before the patch and at a higher res/frames and lol the consoles couldn't even handle the game at it's maxed settings that include game works can someone tell me when the last time 20-30 frames were called playable? you talk about games that ran like crap on PC but you left out drive club fallout 4 Evolve the Witcher 3 BF1 BF4 bloodborne Assassin’s Creed Unity and the list can go on forever come on man if you are going to attack then do something better than this or don't even type anything to begin with

sd11298d ago

Firstly i didn't attack anything and i was not trying to.
Secondly batman was withdrawn
from pc's due to not working at launch, there was nothing incorrect in what i said. You seem to be overly defensive for no reason. I stated the game might be patched, it is early days. The other point was to correct the ridiculous notion that ms are getting ubisoft to gimp their game on a system that ms are trying to make a big part of their future.
Your reply just seems to be a random over reaction.

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SirJoJo298d ago

This was at the EGX games convention (UK version of Gamescom) it is organised by Eurogamer. I attend every year with my brother and always have a blast, this year was one of the best, had an after party and everything.

Also I can confirm that AC Origins did play better on the 1X than it did on the PC. The PC version all had the Xbox one pads connected so initially I assumed I was playing the 1x version, until I started playing and the large frame drops (felt uncapped between 30fps and 60fps) and judder made a pretty terrible playing experience.

The demo ended and as i got up, i noticed a mouse a keyboard tucked behind the screen so I asked the rep and they confirmed that this was the PC build from E3 so it's pretty old. He then pointed me in the direction of the X1 version, which was just behind Forza 7 (AMAZING on the 1X) and PUBG (running on PC), I did play it myself but I watched my brother play it and straight away I noticed how smooth and consistent the frame rate was, no judder, no drops that my eye could notice and the graphics looked exactly like the PC version to me.

it's likely that the it was a newer build on the 1X

343_Guilty_Spark298d ago

The Pro is significantly weaker that’s why

jrshankill298d ago

Don't be speaking the truth in here bruh.. people get butthurt

343_Guilty_Spark298d ago

The should contemplate using Vaseline then.

Bigpappy299d ago

I just find it funny that when I hear people say that the PC version is the best version and I asked what kind of PC are they talking about I hardly get anyone agree with me. But all of a sudden no they're saying the Xbox X version runs better than PC at the moment I know everyone wants to know what kind of PC. Don't you think we need to be consistent and always site what kind of PC we are referring to. Question

_-EDMIX-_298d ago

? Okay I think people are saying that because they mean PC is generally the best version technically, that is clearly taking in consideration bad PC developers look at Arkham Knight in Assassin's Creed Unity.

They're simply saying if the developer is competent and optimizes technically speaking by default the PC version should be the best version, if it's not it's simply because the developer has clearly done something horribly wrong.

uRaDecepticon298d ago

There is no such thing as a "default PC" anything, not even if its a PC exclusive.

_-EDMIX-_298d ago

@uRaD- oooook

I think you need to read my post slowly and again. No where did I ever say there was a such thing as a "default PC" understand the context of what is being said because it sounds like your lack of comprehension has made you completely confused of what the statement is saying.

I am saying that by default the PC version technically should be the best if the developers clearly optimize it but the same can be said about if they optimize all platforms, if everything is equal in regards to development optimization in terms of them being competent , by default the PC version should be the best, no where am I saying there's a such thing as a "default PC", as in there is a specific type of PC that is a standard or something 😂😂😂

Really folks, stop rage posting in slowly read what is being posted because some of the strange mistakes you guys are making could be adjusted by simply just reading it again =)

iDadio298d ago

Your wasting your time edmix, some minds are set in stone regardless

298d ago
UltraNova298d ago

Technically speaking we could have a "default" PC each year. Just take the average gaming setup from Steam's hardware stats and we could have a pretty accurate representation of a "default PC" set up.

That rig can be compared, in theory, with consoles released that year. So the xbox1x can be directly compared with Steam's 2017 average user PC build.

Anyone care to provide said specs?

PS: throw 2016's specs to compare with the ps4 pro while you are at it!

uRaDecepticon298d ago

Loll, that person should not use "default" whatsoever with PC. And TECHNICALLY speaking, NO, we couldn't have a default PC every year too many vendors and PC makers for that.

UltraNova298d ago (Edited 298d ago )


Who said anything about spesific parts? I was referring to the general power output of the average PC as per Steam's survey.

Reading comprehension- try it.

uRaDecepticon298d ago

I never mentioned any specs, you brought up specs. It doesn't matter, seeing as though you sound as if devs should target the average pc build from Steam or should start from there? Whatever. Even then you and the other person I was replying to make the assumption that this imaginary "default PC" with its off the shelf parts will automatically be better than the custom built XBOX--it's silly.

Automatic79298d ago


If a game is multiplatform, developers optimize for consoles, because multiplatform games make more money on consoles. PC usually get love/optimization directly after the console release, usually a few weeks later when it releases on PC.

_-EDMIX-_297d ago

@Auto-we know.

What is being stated is that that clearly shouldn't be the case and they would be getting better sales if they're making quality versions look at Arkham Knight, I don't believe the community would have so much mistrust from some of these Publishers on PC and get so many low sales on PC if they would actually make respectable versions in the first.

I fully understand why they do that to cut Corners because multiplatform games generally sell better on consoles, that's actually not what's being debated and kind of irrelevant to the point being made.

At the end of the day there is no reason or excuse why the PC version of some of these games is literally almost unplayable.

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Razzer298d ago

Who the hell is "everyone"?

Bigpappy298d ago

I think that covers you also. You want to know: what PC is the X out performing... don't you?

Razzer298d ago

Fact is: You DON'T want to know. It goes against your narrative that 1X is the end-all-be-all machine. That is why you don't question this article at all. You are perfectly happy in your ignorance.

Bigpappy298d ago (Edited 298d ago )

My narrative as already been defined by me. If you just read what I wrote above and read through my pass comments, you would find that your depiction of me is false and fabricated because I prefer a different console. You would in fact find, that I actually always ask for spec's when people broadly say PC. When someone just say PC is better than X, it is like say humans can beat the Warriors at Basketball. Any humans, really? Any PC, really?
So your ignorance about where I stand and have always stood comes shinning through like a beacon!

Razzer298d ago (Edited 298d ago )

Ah.....bullshit. You just generalized "everyone" whom you have ever supposedly asked that question of because you don't want an answer. That is pure deflection.

iDadio298d ago

Pappy with his usual sugar coated bias, I don't see anything else "shinning" through.

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KwietStorm298d ago

Who are these people you are talking about?

jasonpugh298d ago

Stop with the logic and questions Bigpappy. No one likes that here. 😄

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TRU3_GAM3R299d ago

It will run better on X than the Pro version that's for sure, I think they mean it runs better than pc's with lower specs than Xbox one x.

GamesMaster1982299d ago (Edited 299d ago )

But i bet you it still sells a shit load more on the PS consoles. Than the Microsoft consoles and PC, maybe even combined.

ForeverTheGoat298d ago

And you care about sales why exactly. If the money isn’t going in your pocket then it shouldn’t be a concern.

choujij298d ago (Edited 298d ago )

@ForeverTheGoat "And you care about sales why exactly. If the money isn’t going in your pocket then it shouldn’t be a concern. "

Here's a concept that's not too hard to grasp: The more software selling on his console, the likelier it will receive better support in all it's forms (more patches, games, etc).

Enjoigamin298d ago

You know I like to wake up every morning pour myself a cup of coffee and read the national video game sales database. Really it's just that important to me.

298d ago
Travis3708299d ago

That's not a good sign. PC should always have the best version since it has unlimited access to power.

Bigpappy299d ago

Doesn't that depend on the PC you're using

_-EDMIX-_298d ago (Edited 298d ago )

? I think that goes without saying and I don't think anyone on here is simply saying any PC can run every game as that doesn't really make any sense so I'm not entirely sure why you're unable to understand that especially with how obvious it is

I mean do you really think we're saying this in reference to some PC from 1995?

Of course he is talking about the best possible PC performance, even with Specs that should match PlayStation 4 and Xbox One the PC version should not be having issues because that points to bad development that actually has nothing to do really do with Hardware because I'm doubtful they're testing the worst possible PC to tell you this news lol

Trust me Arkham Knights issues had nothing to do with bad PCs, it had to do with bad development

uptownsoul298d ago (Edited 298d ago )

Travis3708: PC should always have the best version since it has unlimited access to power.

Bigpappy: Doesn't that depend on the PC you're using

ME: Yes, at the individual level, it does depend on the PC...BUT there are PCs out there that should run EVERY game better than ANY console...Do you disagree with that @Bigpappy???

Bigpappy298d ago

@uptownsoul: No. I do not disagree that there are some PC's out there that can run every game made in a manner that the Xbox-1X can even think about approaching. But lets not act like ever PS4 owner has one sitting in the basement.

Liqu1d298d ago

That's why he said "since it has unlimited access to power".

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ImGumbyDammit298d ago

You do know what the term "unlimited" means right? Just checking what universe you live in.

twiggytree12298d ago

PCs get stronger every year, not the opposite.

sizeofyou298d ago (Edited 298d ago )

PCs don't get stronger every year for everyone. Most people will retain the core of their PC for a few years. And most people updating are getting a potentially superior hardware build - but NOT if the development team aren't coding it that way. I hesitate to say that their bad developers all the time, as there are so many combinations to support AND as you point out, hardware moves at a pace. There is a dependency on Microsoft and the graphic card manufacturers to make the PC power accessible. Otherwise developers have to start coding specifics - and for what hardware?? I love the PC but its not the easiest platform in the world to support; a static one is...and that leads to better optimisation over time...

Clunkyd298d ago

Just shows that Devs treat PC gamers like actual peasants. The irony. X'D