Piracy actually increases legitimate sales of video-games according to EU Commision's report

Now here is something really interesting. A EU Commission report on the effect of piracy on the legitimate sales of video-games has found that piracy can actually benefit publishers. According to the report, piracy increases video-games sales by 24%.

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Yi-Long241d ago (Edited 241d ago )

Well yeah, obviously. We've seen whole generations growing up with, for example, (illegal) C64 and Amiga games, which allowed them to play great games accross all genres, which turned them into gamers, and later when they are older and have disposable income, they'll go out and buy consoles and games for those consoles and get their own children hooked on gaming, etcetc.

I'm absolutely sure many of those kids who were given a DS or a PSP by their parents, which allowed them to play downloaded games on it, are now older and are probably buying a PS4, a Switch, and obviously games for those machines.

sinjonezp241d ago

That's definitely one way of looking at it. We also have to take into account games people are on the fence about. 98% of pirated games are limited to offline access. With the integration of online components in most if not all games, people play the pirated software and say okay I want that full experience. I for one bought LoftR Shadows because of that very reason. So yes these pirated offers are glorified demos but they do provide a gateway to access certain games and give possible consumers a chance to see if it is worth the purchase. NOW , game companies should follow EA in offering experiences like EA Access. ten hours with the game, then if you love it buy it FULL experience. I think access like that will help to reduce the strain on piracy. I like that model and its not super expensive.

VerminSC241d ago

I hate articles like this. It helps theifs justify their actions.

link2Dpast241d ago

Man get over it, your high and mighty moral. The ps2, Xbox, Dreamcast gen were easily one of the best because of burning games. Not everyone was able to shell out $50+ For games, especially in those days where there were non stop great titles all the time. I was a kid from the inner city and games weren't always on the top of the want list, as food and other stuff were important

VideoGamesAreDumb241d ago

" Not everyone was able to shell out $50+"

And this was the same time that old NES and SNES games were being sold for dirt cheap. Stop making excuses. There are always affordable games. Stealing is stealing.

kevnb241d ago (Edited 241d ago )

people had more money to waste back then actually, thats why things like sports cards and other collectibles used to sell for so much more. If you dont believe me just do a google search, disposable income is shrinking.

VerminSC241d ago

If you can’t afford shit you don’t steal it. Video games are a luxury don’t need them, stealing them is wrong no matter how you justify it.

Eamon241d ago

Pretty sure most people who pirate don't think they're stealing.

Also, bear in mind, that up till date, piracy is considered "copyright infringement" according to the law and not "theft." So, legally speaking, you're factually incorrect.

The EU commission report pretty much confirmed what most rational-thinking people knew. If we take the anime industry for example. There is absolutely no way that simulcast would have happened if it weren't for fan-subbing and online file-sharing. I certainly would never have heard of anime if it weren't for that. The vast majority of people who buy manga and anime box-sets these days did not find out about anime because they rented a videotape from Blockbusters during their teens. It was because of piracy.

Of course, that isn't to say that piracy is squeaky clean. There are people who make money out of copyright infringement. And there are smaller or start-up companies who go and crash due to piracy.

But the solution was never to outright ban it or set up some taskforce hellbent on tracking down pirates. The solution was to embrace new technologies and new user habits. That's why Netflix is super successful today.

Gh05t241d ago

If I cant afford it, I can steal it? NICE!!!

This would be where I would agree with people who call gamers entitled. I like how you think you are entitled to something even if you cant afford it.

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TankCrossing241d ago (Edited 241d ago )

The report seems to be based on surveys of people that pirate, and we all know people that pirate games spin this yarn that they buy the good games pirating them. It is like asking a class of pre-school boys if boys are better than girls, and then declaring "study shows boys are better than girls!" based on them saying so.

Besides which, we all know the counter to piracy is micro-transactions and DLC, so either way piracy isn't a good thing.

Servbot41241d ago (Edited 241d ago )

DLC is usually available to pirate and cheat engine lets you bypass microtransactions. A big problem is that a pirated version holds more value to the consumer than a legit copy because of things like day-one DLC, preorder DLC, microtransactions and DRM; all of which are avoided if you simply don't pay. It's kinda an endless cycle that publishers need to take the first step in stopping, because doubling down on those bad practices isn't going to convert pirates, only encourage new ones.

241d ago
Tzuno241d ago

And you just want to save the world, end the war and hunger just like those girls on World Miss contest...

Duke19241d ago (Edited 241d ago )

But why? People clearly stated if they pirated a movie, they didn't then go buy the movie. If they pirated a book, they didn't then go buy the book.

Why pirate a game, and then go buy the game? Not doubting that people do it, but it really doesn't make sense. Back in HS I remember people having binders of cracked games/keys - don't recall any push to go buy the games after that

Cobra951241d ago (Edited 241d ago )

Word of mouth. The pirate may never buy the game, but the gaming public's increased exposure to the game will act as an advertising campaign, and increase its overall sales. The game gets seen more, so it sells more.

But the most important take from that study is that piracy has little if any negative effect on sales. That's a far cry from the industry's claim that it has a 100% effect (i.e., that "every illegal download is a lost sale").

Haurus241d ago

It makes perfect sense. People often pirate to trial a product. If they like it, they buy it to support the developer. When companies are charging $60 for a game that in most cases cannot be refunded, and are not providing a demo, piracy can become necessary. The online portion of games is also not usually available on pirated games, so if you decide you like the game after pirating and playing the single player, you can buy it for the multiplayer.

Eamon241d ago

Basically, nobody should generalize on user choices.

Some people pirate to trial the game before buying it.
Some people pirate some games, and buy other games.
Some people pirate every game they play.
Some people pirate because they cannot afford it, but when they can, they do buy the game.
Some people pirate games, then wait a year or so till the game is dirt cheap, then they buy it.

There is no singular character profile of a pirate.

blackblades241d ago

Yeah that's the same with anime and movies.

Gh05t241d ago


Yes there is, they are all criminals.

DogJosha241d ago

I've always wondered why people view piracy as being an immoral thing. Do you honestly think people making these products do not get paid as much as the people pirating them? You think a years worth of work should earn you 10 years worth of pay? Do you think it is moral to create something for the sake of denying other people the chance to enjoy your creation? In what way am I doing another person actual harm by enjoying the game they made?

Not every country has laws against piracy, thus not every pirate is a criminal. If you want to be a smart***, at least be correct.

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Servbot41241d ago (Edited 241d ago )

Pretty sure the report specifically states its only true for games, not movies. And yes, some people buy games after they pirate them. Modern PC port quality is so hit-and-miss these days, who knows whats gonna work on mid-range hardware without testing it first. Some people buy games they pirate and end up enjoying a lot and buy the game to support great developers, or at least buying other merchandise of the IP they would have otherwise not have purchased. Pirates can also spread good word-of-mouth about good games across the numerous social media platforms.

If someone doesn't have/want to pay $60 for a game, usually aren't going to magically have/want to spend $60 if piracy of said game isn't possible, they'll just move onto a different or older game. The bigger problem, despite being legal, is actually used sales of newer games: here you have someone willing and able to pay money for a new game, but they instead give the total MSRP of the game, -$5 because its used, to Gamestop instead of the publishers and developers.

Not that I'm against either action, but when you compare direct losses for the publisher, the bigger issue is clearly not Person A who doesn't have the money, but Person B who has the money but gives it all to Gamestop instead via a used sale. Now, the ability to sell games does enable some people to buy new games, but there is always someone is still spending money on those used titles instead of buying new.

InTheZoneAC241d ago

Ok, never buying another game ever again.

Amyellevivv241d ago

I pirate, if i love the game i buy it ! That way i wont be fucked over

TankCrossing241d ago

The refund policies on most digital stores nowadays blows your excuse out of the water.

Eamon241d ago

Valve is still a bit stingy with Steam however. I believe Origin have a genuine refund policy but Valve makes sure to keep hush-hush about refunds by hardly publicizing it, and making it a little tricky to find the refund page.

There's also the policy. You cannot refund a game if it's been in your library for over 2 weeks and/or if you've played it for over 2 hours.

Servbot41241d ago (Edited 241d ago )

Eh, Steam refund is not always fool-proof. Three hours is just not enough time for some games. That time includes setup, keybinding, controller setup (Xpadder takes a while if necessary, and usually requires the game open to test buttons), and other possible troubleshooting. Some games (looking at No Man's Sky) don't reveal themselves to be junk until after the intro or first chapter, which are usually front-loaded with cutscenes and lengthy tutorials (why do you think they brought those back?). Not to mention Steam could just outright refuse your refund, and early on only refunded to Steam wallet, not your bank account (I only know they changed that policy because a friend recently refunded a game), leading to distrust of the system.

I'm not sure how well Origin's refund works (although I've heard good things) and I'm pretty sure the Windows 10 storefront doesn't even offer refunds cuz Microsoft. None of the console digital stores offer refunds, so if you want to test if a console game is actually fun or worthwhile to buy with your friends, you're stuck with trying it on your PC first as demos are extremely scarce.

Amyellevivv241d ago

Not quite. If there was , why would people still buy or for that matter support games that will make you cringe. Yes it is not my choice to say they cant buy it, but with todays cash grab policy i want to try it before i support them.

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