Bethesda VP Pete Hines Wants To Continue Doing Things 'Differently' And 'Keep Trying Stuff'

Bethesda’s Vice President, Pete Hines, said that experimentation is what Bethesda is known for and that the company is not afraid to try something new to bring in unique experiences.

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-Foxtrot83d ago

Yeah but on the other hand porting Skyrim over and over isn't doing things differently

_-EDMIX-_81d ago

Be like "Elder Scrolls 6 Skyrim remake or Elder Scrolls 7 Skyrim again"

Nesflix81d ago

Doing things "differently" and failing the same.

Get it? That's a reference to their paid mods.

FullmetalRoyale81d ago

It's not different things, it's things you do differently!

thatguyhayat81d ago

Oooh great. A skyrim calculator is coming.

_-EDMIX-_81d ago

I'm calling it right now they're going to make Skyrim for IOS and Android 😂😂😂

TheColbertinator81d ago

After decades of attempts Bethesda will finally hire a bug tester.