T.J. Wagner: Xbox One X Launch Won’t Even Scratch the Surface of the Eventual Extra Possibilities

The Xbox One X will have a large impact on the gaming industry and offer a wide range of extra possibilities.

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trumpwonstopcrying77d ago

Not really. It's just some guy who's has excessive excitement for the X. Nothing new here unless you've never read an article about the X

Eonjay76d ago

"Eventual Extra Possibilities"
They better hurry up because the console only has like two years before current gen is over.

Haurus76d ago


3 years minimum. It will be holiday 2020 at the earliest before the next set of consoles releases.

dcbronco76d ago


So the article is kinda like your comments? "I hate Microsoft a lot. And for no reason." Don't bother reading them unless you've never read one before.

Sm00thNinja76d ago

Man the hater is strong with you. You're in EVERY Xbox article 😂

Kingthrash36076d ago

Are games a possibility? Because ..

76d ago
soulrebel76d ago

@ Haurus. Holiday 2020 at the latest. AMD releasing 2nd gen Zen chips next year. Good chance one of those goes in a ps5 in 2019. That would be a 6 year lifespan for ps4 before the successor is released. That would be fine. If Ps4 sales slow down, they'll release ps5 asap.

aawells0775d ago

trumpwonstopcrying wont stop crying

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Xenophon_York76d ago

@Haurus, a twenty-nineteen holiday release is also quite possible—especially by Sony.

itsmebryan75d ago

What happens in 2 years?

shinrock77d ago

Read it now. I'm this article won't get approval.

trumpwonstopcrying77d ago

It's flame bait. Of course it will get approved

headshotfrosty76d ago

Nice! Gaming needs this and Sony innovation. Cant wait to try it out.

opinionated76d ago

No kidding, the launch is pretty terrible.

thekhurg76d ago

Extra "best ever" slogans.

Kribwalker76d ago

effects, better textures, better resolution, the list does keep going

Prince-Ali76d ago

PC's had those for yearrrssss.... has PC changed the way games are...? You people KEEP on falling for these marketing BS over and over how do you NOT get tired!!!? lool

76d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.