Sonic Mania Patch Notes - Patch Release 1.03.0831

From GameWatcher: "Sonic Mania, even during its announcement, was already considered the saving grace of the troubled franchise. While the rate at which the games are churned out wouldn't typically have anyone question its remaining lifespan, the ratings of each entry very often paled in comparison to its debut years in the 90s."

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DivineAssault 329d ago

They dropped the ball on the launch of this game for PC but luckily it was so good, people forgave them. I bought the game 2x.. On switch and on PS4.. I want this to be able to come with me if i take my switch anywhere.. Too bad theres no physical release..

PhoenixUp329d ago

A Super button would be extremely appreciated

Teflon02328d ago

Hopefully the random collision deaths were fixed