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Full review of the new NBA 2K18 ... probably the BEST basketball game made by now!


"Sports games aren’t usually my jam, and when they come up for review I like to defer to my colleague Ian to tackle the onslaught of Fifas and Maddens. But when I saw NBA2K18s trailer depicting their deep campaign mode called ‘The Neighbourhood’ I got worryingly excited. Friends and loved ones showed genuine concern as I talked excitedly about it. I’m here today to present to you a complete novice’s experience with one of the deepest and most accomplished sports games out there. I mean, I assume. I really have no frame of reference, but I’d be amazed if any of them come close to the level of polish and depth NBA 2K18 displays in every aspect of its huge suite."

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InMyOpinion360d ago

If you're ok with the microtransactions it might be good.

jukins360d ago

Really no more microtransactions than before. Anything can be obtained through regular gameplay. Buying vc simple speeds that process up.

InMyOpinion360d ago

@jukins - It's supposedly much harder to make progress than before. Some say near possible unless you spend money. If it was F2P I'd be fine with it, but not for a game that costs $59.99.

iceman06360d ago

Actually, they made it a bit more of a grind to make progress as you can't just buy the coveted badges when you reach a statistical milestone. Previuosly, once you reached the lower threshold of a badge (bronze), you could just purchase the silver and gold levels. Now, you gotta earn them. You could always buy your atandard upgrades (to a point) right up front. The pushback mostly comes from cosmetic changes, like haircuts, that you have to pay for.
Their MT system has been slippery for more than this game BECAUSE you could purchase a pretty dominant player, with boosted stats, from day one and kill online. Where people should complain is in their MyTeam mode. It could easily take close to $600, or a serious grind and some market sniping, to get the very best cards (pink diamonds).
All in all, for the game on the court, 2K can't be beat right now. Some of the other modes have flaws (MT issues, grinds, balance, etc.), but that's probably every sports game out at this point.

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C-H-E-F360d ago

an 87?? thats high, i'd say a 75-80 at best

C-H-E-F359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

Just like this review is an opinion, tf it's not fact that this game is an 87 so fall back LMAO I swear them sheep evolving like a mofo.

nowitzki2004359d ago

Yeah just like your opinion is an opinion

C-H-E-F359d ago

and like how your opinion of my opinion is an opinion.