Palmer Luckey Is Still Working In VR With Many Unannounced Projects In Development

From GameWatcher: "Still making the (very) odd appearance in the public eye, Oculus founder Palmer Luckey recently announced that he's still very much a part of the VR space. There's even a number of games/projects in development that he can't yet talk about."

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morganfell296d ago

Cliffy Luckey should keep working in VR until every penny he has left is gone.

Cy296d ago

Nice to see that having an Unapproved Opinion didn't hurt him too badly.

VideoGamesAreDumb296d ago

Not trying to be mean, but who cares about Luckey? After the Zenimax trial, it's debatable if he really did anything meaningful in the VR space. They essentially proved he invented nothing, he just took credit.

SaveFerris295d ago

I thought he left the VR stuff to work as a cosplay model?