Metal Gear Survive will be the 1st Place Prize During a MGO3 Tournament and no Gamer Wants it

Metal Gear Survive will be the 1st Place prize at a Metal Gear Online 3 tournament and fans are furious.

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trumpwonstopcrying53d ago

Yea I'm with the players I would purposely tank and try to get the 2nd or 3rd place prize.

Now in an ideal world konami sells the Metal Gear franchise to another company, that company then hires Hideo Kojima and the masterpiece continues.

C-H-E-F53d ago

You do know the game actually ended in guns for the patriots? but was dragged on just for a money grab??? Because Konami kept sucking Hideo Dry, Hideo wanted to be done with the game after MGS Sons Of Liberty, but was forced to keep making them, they wouldn't let him make anything else, that's why every MGS after Guns for the patriot was a "flashback" we haven't had a modern MGS made by Hideo since then. He decided not to further the series with new games because the game was done. Quite frankly i'm done with MGS, I still haven't beaten the last one and it's in most part that i'm pissed off at Konami and know that Hideo wasn't able to fully develop the game the way he intended for it to be developed... So i'm now in Afrika chilling for the last 8 months or so ahhaha.

trumpwonstopcrying53d ago

there could have been plenty of games that continued to fill in story throughout the huge timeline they covered

PhoenixUp53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

What more can Kojima do with this franchise when the saga is pretty much over?

The plot is pretty much wrapped up and Kojima has expressed many times he'd like to put the IP to rest. Anymore titles in the Snake saga would just turn Metal Gear into a zombie franchise..........oh wait!

-Foxtrot54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

It's a pre order code aswell

I mean it's bad enough it's Survive but not even a Collectors Edition of it or something

Salt in wound. They're right aswell the other prizes are better

DivineAssault 54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

LOL that sucks! Only Konami... and capcom ;(

GamesMaster198254d ago

Shame i would have it but the online in mgo3 is boring as fuck.

BlaqMagiq153d ago

Wow Konami is punishing whoever wins first place? #FucKonami