PlayStation Australia has four real-life Platinum Trophies to give to worthy players

PlayStation Australia will offer up ultra limited-edition, real-life Platinum Trophies to players as part of its new PlayStation Plus Platinum Hunter program.

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PhoenixUp266d ago

Does it have a button that makes that glorious sound?

SickSinceSix266d ago

Are they made from real platinum?

Summons75266d ago

You know how expensive that would be!? That would be really cool though.

UltraNova266d ago (Edited 266d ago )

At 30,123 dollars (as of now)per kg I'd say a trophy like (at 2kg) would cost around $65,000 if you include crafting fees.

I think its pretty safe to say there's no chance its pure Platinum.

Taero266d ago

@ultranova I don't know, look at the Swordquest competitions, those were insane. I mean they basically went bankrupt iirc which wouldn't have been helped by jewel encrusted swords, chalices, emerald necklaces, and philosophers stones but still...

Matrix6266d ago

Sounds pretty hardcore. I fold.

CaptainObvious878266d ago

Unfortunately, I buy all my games online or rent them through the mail so that rules me out...

thatguyhayat266d ago

I have zero intrest in fifa and cod. Gran turismo i would be up for the challenge. They should check our plat list and see what we got. Longest grind and hard ones to get

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