The SNES Classic Mini Controller Cord Is Still Ridiculously Short

Without doubt, the worst thing about the NES Classic Mini (outside of the fact that it was always out of stock) was the fact that the controller cords were ridiculously short.

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PhoenixUp296d ago

Euuew I hate wired controllers

SR388296d ago

I miss controllers having cables, no charging and no batteries and no syncing ... I don't see why this a problem, I sit like a 3ft away from TV so it perfect ... How far are people away from thier TVs? 20ft!? Lol

DivineAssault 296d ago

My TV is wall mounted and about 8 feet from the sofa.. They couldve used wireless technology for the controllers but im sure this was a cheaper option.. Also charging controllers isnt bad if you get a dock. I never run out of juice.

NotoriousWhiz295d ago (Edited 295d ago )

I have two 55 inch TVs. In one room, my couch is 8 ft away. In the other its about 12 ft away. A 5ft cord is not going to cut it.

I'm also okay with battery powered controllers if they went with that option. I can get ~40 AAs from Costco for $15 which would probably last for years.

295d ago
DivineAssault 296d ago (Edited 296d ago )

The extension cords are cheap enough to buy online.. Im just going to use the same ones i have for the regular NES classic.. Nintendo says theyre making enough SNES classics to go around so i hope they keep their word. I would like my nephews to have one to know what difficult games really were.. The NES is too primitive for them to get into and my retro consoles arent for children lol..

The_Jackel295d ago

let your nephews play demon/dark souls and bloodborne ;)

ajax17295d ago

Didn't they say that they increased the length from the NES classic controller?

RiPPn295d ago

They have a picture in the article.. it is better than the NES classic but shorter than the original SNES controller cable length.

Skillz1215295d ago

f*** this stupid a** thing just download an emulator and roms