Xbox One X Supersampling Feature To Be Shown Before Launch, PUBG Beta Being Worked On:Microsoft Exec

He also says that they are working on more Xbox One X units and reiterates once again that it's the most powerful console ever made.

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WePlayDirty57d ago

I'm sure the games on Xbox One X will look nice with this feature.

KionicWarlord22257d ago

You gotta hand it to the xbox architect engineers at Microsoft for putting this system level future.

More bang for ya buck on any tv screen.

Bring on DA X!

TankCrossing56d ago

Speaking of system-level features, the recent addition of Windows Sonic and Dolby Atmos for Headphones deserves a lot more recognition that it receives. Anyone gaming with headphones should check those out.

carmelo4356d ago

You really believe ms has good engineers then you must not have seen how big the first xbox was amd xbox one, not to mention all the hardware issues lol

TankCrossing56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

@Carmelo the Xbox hardware design was moved over to Panos Panay's team. They're responsible for the Surface range, so it is hard to dispute their credentials.

Having said that, making everything compact seems to be a top priority. A small form factor is not something I personally value very highly, I would rather they focus on making the hardware silent and reliable.

ImGumbyDammit56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

@carmelo43 different team of engineers with different requirements to fulfill under Mattrick. The newer consoles: Xbox S and X are built by Panay's team. That is the same engineering group that develops the Surface devices. The original Xbox One was built around Mattrick's fear of repeating the issues of the original Xbox 360. Other designs were done and down voted by him.

Well I guess Sony must have some crappy engineers than too. Over the years they have had multiple products with serious issues, have had recalls, iand other issues across their product lines. It is easy to find product designs from Sony that over the years have aesthetic issues as well. Their whole chip division nearly collapsed because of multiple issue, including very bad designs compared to the competition. But, like Xbox division I don't hold it against Sony because it seems like (at least with the chip division) they have turned around that recent legacy.

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iDadio56d ago

I wonder which algorithm they have been able to implement with the hardware and which method (OG or SG) they have gone with mainly.

Woolly_56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

not long left. .
Scorpio cometh. .

Trekster_Gamer56d ago

Scorpio.. The Ultimate Console Power in the Universe... I suggest we use it!

Trekster_Gamer56d ago

Actually General Tarkin from Star Wars talking about the Death Star if memory serves

Tedakin56d ago

A friend of mine showed me super sampling from 4k down to 1080p and it's significantly better looking. It basically wipes out all jaggies period. So even on a 1080p screen games on Scorpio should look a good bit better than they do now.

_LarZen_56d ago

Yeah I'm guessing many 1080p owners will be relieved to get rid of flickering because of bad AA in some games.

mcstorm56d ago

Yeah im going to be a 1080p tv owner of the Xbox one and I'm glad Microsoft have not forgot about us users.

I will jump to a 4k tv in the next 18 months but not yet bit good to see Microsoft adding things for us old tv users haha.

WickedLester56d ago

Yeah kudos to MS for giving 1080p owners reasons to buy their 4K console. I have a Panasonic VT60 plasma that I bought in 2013 and to me, the picture is still gorgeous. I'm not looking to upgrade to 4K until my current TV gives up the ghost. Hell that could be 5-10 years from now.

mcstorm56d ago

Yeah mine could be that long tbh but I will see how things play out. Not to much 4k about at the moment so it's not a must for me at the moment

DivineAssault 56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Gotta give microsoft credit.. They made a nice system and i would buy it if it had unique stuff that suited my tastes.. I wonder what game will top the charts when this launches.. Like what is the title people pop in after opening up that fresh new console.

JonnS56d ago

Forza 7, AC Origin and Shadow of War those are my main go to at Launch .

KickSpinFilter56d ago

COD WWII, AC Origins, and (if it's out) PUBG.
That is what people will buy.

DivineAssault 56d ago

Is PUBG digital only or physical too?

Trekster_Gamer56d ago

Forza 7, COD WWII...

Also ready to play through
Halo 5 And Tomb Raider again as well..

-Thanos56d ago

Cuphead, Forza 7, AC Origins, and South Park for me.

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