The Nintendo Switch Shortages Are Still Going On In Japan

Almost 7 months have passed since the launch of the Nintendo Switch. While it’s gradually becoming easier to find the Switch in North America and Europe, things haven’t improved much in Japan.

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Benjaminkno358d ago

It seems like Nintendo has to pick a shortage in the US or Japan. Maybe it's going back and forth.

ClanPsi1358d ago

I get the feeling they know it will sell in Japan regardless of how long it takes to get to market, so they're getting as many as they can as fast as they can into foreign markets.

Prince_TFK358d ago

I hope that by holiday season, anyone who want a Switch would be able to get their hand on one.

OffRoadKing358d ago

This is madness, madness I tell you.

Relientk77358d ago (Edited 358d ago )

Madness? This is Nintendo!


DivineAssault 358d ago

They knew what they were doing by releasing a hybrid.. Well its technically a handheld but whatever.. I have no doubt the switch will be MASSIVE in japan throughout its life cycle.. I wish more people would give it a chance in the west because it is a great device and nintendo always does top notch software.

Erik7357358d ago (Edited 358d ago )

People are, n4g community is in its own little world and has been filled by fanboys of playstation over the past 5 years. Originally the people on this site were saying it was doomed to fail, next users on this site arguing whether it could even sell close to ps4, now they are saying no way it will sell 130 million....wonder what the conversation will be in another few months on this site about Nintendo Switch haha but I see a CLEAR direction in where its heading if we follow the pattern here :)

EddieNX 358d ago

It's been selling crazy numbers over there since it launched. This is due to very high demand not artificial restricted supply or whatever the tin foil hat brigade are always banging on about...

DivineAssault 358d ago

Its virtually neck n neck with the wii's initial sales. Word of mouth is much easier too since its portable so its going to remain a hot item.. This holiday season should be golden for them

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