Best racing wheels for Forza Motorsport 7 on Xbox One and PC

Game Idealist: "One of the best racing game series, Forza Motorsport, is getting a new mainline installment. As with other racing simulators, the upcoming Forza Motorsport 7 is best played with a racing wheel. So what are the top options?"

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XStation4pio_Pro296d ago

I have the G920 for xbox one (and just ordered the g29 equivalent for ps4 for GT Sport and PCars2). Its a pretty decent wheel. Its probably the closest in quality to the likes of a Fanatec but easier on the wallet for a similar performance and build. I've seen them range on Amazon from 269-400 depending on configs and sellers. I'd recommend it though if the Fanatecs are too expensive (tho they're probably the overall best IMO). The Thrustmasters are meh. in my opinion. They feel very cheap in comparison. They're also noisy and clunky.

evelsnake296d ago

Check out and check out the drive hub. It is an 89.00 adapter so you can use your g920 on your PS4. Your G920 will show up as a G29 on PS4. This works with almost any wheel so you dont have to buy multiple wheels for multiple systems.

TardcoreGamer296d ago

youll pay 800 for a fanatec wheel and base alone never mind the pedals shifter and cockpit..