Criterion Wants To Give That 'Magic Moment' In Star Wars Battlefront II To The Players

Criterion wants to give players the Star Wars magic moment in Starfighter Assault.

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Angainor782d ago

Criterion has to make Burnout Revenge 2

Apocalypse Shadow81d ago

And that magic moment could have been in VR.

Ron_Danger80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

I came here to say the same thing. I had no interest in the first game but got it "free" (got a $10 psn credit and got it during a flash sale). I have only one trophy in the game and it's for completing a mission, which was the VR mission. It's amazing and totally opens the door for future VR missions.

If the second game had VR, it would be a preorder. For now, I have zero interest in it.

I have a sneaking suspicion that VR missions are gonna be added later for like $25.

Apocalypse Shadow80d ago

I tried it on another PS4 at a different house. Didn't want to give EA any money. But if EA aren't ready to support VR, I'm not ready to open my wallet to them. And EA are already on my ignore list with their past antics.

They only made the one VR mission to get VR owners to buy the main game. It was just advertisement to increase sales. If they make another mission, it will be to push VR owners to buy the second one.