Top 10 Xbox One Games Arriving This Fall and Holiday Season

COGconnected writes: We take a look at the top 10 Xbox One games arriving this fall and holiday 2017 including a pair of must play exclusives!

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AC:O and Mario O are my two most wanted games that's coming out at the end of the year.

CapitalGamerNZ296d ago

Hoping the game plays as good as it looks. I love a good side scrolling platformer and I'm liking what I see with Cuphead.

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kevnb296d ago (Edited 296d ago )

cuphead has cool looking characters/art, but the gameplay doesnt look that great.

Razzer296d ago

The art style is the only thing appealing about this game. Sorry. Hopefully I'm wrong.

Godmars290296d ago

Not good enough to carry, be the anchor point, of a new console system. Nowhere near.

The_Jackel296d ago (Edited 296d ago )

1. Cuphead (XB1, PC)
2. Assassins Creed (PC, XB1, PS4)
3. The evil within 2 (PC, XB1, PS4)
4. South park - fractured but whole (PC, XB1, PS4)
5. WWE 2K18 (SWITCH, XB1, PS4)
6. Need for speed - payback (PC, XB1, PS4)
7. A hat in time (PC, XB, PS4, MAC)
8. Elex (PC, XB1, PS4)
9. Wolfenstien 2 (SWITCH, PC, XB1, PS4)
10. Forza 7 (PC, XB1)

The list, noone should have to go through 4 pages for it

whothedog296d ago

Thank you for that list

I don't mean to be rude here but that is a horrible list, a bunch of games that I can elsewhere. One Xbox ECOSYSTEM exclusive and one maybe timed CONSOLE exclusive(Cuphead). I really was hoping for some surprise about this new xbox system, something that would say "hey I need this system for X reason" but all they are saying is its the most power console there is! What about Steam machines? Yeah I know they flopped sales wise, but they are powerful, and all these games except forza. This system just pisses me of for a few reason.

81BX296d ago

Pro tip: you don't need any system. Gaming is a hobby

Godmars290296d ago

And yet there's been months of advertising insisting otherwise. That if you are into gaming, there is only one option based solely on hardware power rather than library diversity.

81BX296d ago

Are you saying the x isn't the most powerful console? Because it is. Are you saying it won't have a diverse library of games? Because it will.

The_Jackel295d ago (Edited 295d ago )

not til nov 7th it isnt ;) pro still is the worlds most powerful console atm

Godmars290295d ago

If you're talking to me, I didn't say anything regarding power. The Xbox has repeatedly been the more powerful system since OG Xbox and that's never been the deciding factor in the leading game system.

I am saying that the Xbox has never directly offered a diverse games library even including when MS let indie efforts run rampant on the 360 for a time since all that came out of that was quantity over quality. Endless copies, clones and slight alterations of popular genres. MS themselves have only limited the creativity of their studios.

Seafort295d ago


You're wrong on both points.

The PC platform is the most powerful and has the most diverse library of games.

Kribwalker295d ago (Edited 295d ago )

your reading comprehension needs work. he stated most powerful console, in which you replied he was wrong because PC is the most powerful. didn’t know PCs were well, at no point did he say the most diverse. he said it will have a diverse library. not the most diverse. just diverse.
so it’s actually you that are wrong on both points

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Seafort295d ago

I shall be playing a few of those on PC.

Cuphead is out this Friday. Hob and RUINER is out tomorrow so already got a full week of gaming on my PC.

The rest of October is pretty full as well.