Destiny 2 Review - Do You Even Game Bro?

Jordan from DYEGB writes: "Minor improvements make for an all-round better experience, but not without a few steps backwards."

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Septic211d ago

"What I cannot forgive is the unscrupulous implementation of pay-to-win microtransactions and the shaders system that is built around them"

And not just that but for me it's the fact that this looks more akin to an expansion than a sequel and the fact that Activision are such misers that they won't even have dedicated servers for this; I really cannot support this.

So I'm out of this one.

4U2NV211d ago

Nothing is ptw in destiny. you can not choose what gun you want or armor as it is randomly generated.... Plus every mode in pvp is equally balanced so a level (power) 300 player will have the same power weapons and armor and damage output as someone who is level 1 power.

The only difference is iron banner where level advantages are enable but we have yet to see iron banner in destiny 2 and even then you need skill not just the best gun. And when you lose in iron banner its actually better than winning as the drops you get are alot better than if you win, this is to make you more competitive next time you play.

Dont agree with assumptions on a game you have blatantly stated that you have not even played.

As for shaders yes the one time use is stupid I agree but you earn so many you will never even be bothered about them. Also you cant just choose what shader you want to buy, that is also randomly generated when you purchase bright engrams - which you get in the game anyway every time you level up. ive earned about 15 since completion and have not spent a penny on it and destiny 1 or that matter.

The game is great, its you that is missing out

jgarcia211d ago

While I agree that the game is great, I do explain how the game is pay-to-win. While it isn't as egregious as other games, it really needs to be addressed before it gets out of hand.

4U2NV211d ago (Edited 211d ago )

I have read your explanation and it is not true and mainly assumptive. nothing you stated is pay to win as I said before. i could use all my armor mods to bump my power but it would still not give me an advantage online at all because its balanced. As for sparrow racing - another assumption, as we have yet to have sparrow racing in destiny 2. And even then the sparrows were balanced for the racing in destiny 1 so I am still unsure where this pay to win philosophy you have exists?

Was a good review by the way just the micro transactions part is off I have not spent a penny but i own over 25 different shader types with about 4 or 5 of each. i use them for the sake of doing so because i have so many

Septic211d ago

It's still p2p bullshit. Watching the ridiculous aim assist at work, the recycling of assets, and the same old format of milking us through expansion packs, this isn't something im going to support.

I'm glad you're enjoying it though.

BEASELY211d ago

You have no idea what you're talking about, Septic.

You never do.

GrimDragon211d ago

The pay to win statement is a myth. Nothing in the micros gives you any type of advantage over anything. It's all just cosmetic stuff that you can get by grinding if you lack patience. There are more serious issues with destiny than shaders and micros. Number one there still isn't a way to find gamers actively looking to team up on raids or quest. You still have to go to an outside website. Number two people are creating bs clans just for engrams no one or at least very few are legit clans looking to play together. Number three the strikes though cool are way too long to really sit and grind through them more than two times for what is often still little to no valuable drops. Number three after light 270 the grind to level up becomes absurd with literally hardly any drops helping you at all when you get some drops that refuse to infuse because the base level of that drop is actually not 280 due to a mod. It seems this time there are really fewer weapons than before, and most exotics pale in comparison to legendaries. Most exotics are garbage. The armor stats are all over the place. Crucible quick play gives no rewards of note. Your better off playing competitive crucible which seems to give decent loot. Iam a veteran destiny player and all I can say is the game is the same in many ways, with a few differences that's do nothing to improve on the original just a bunch of new problems with a few ok steps forward and a lot of steps back.

Still a good game despite some infuriating problems though. Perhaps destiny three....perhaps.

Discobastrd211d ago

Do you even game bro... *Coughs* 🍆