The Switch and VR represent new audiences for Bethesda

For years, Bethesda has been making games for mature audiences that seem diametrically opposed to the audiences for Nintendo products.

But in the past week, Nintendo announced that Bethesda’s Doom and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus are coming to the Switch, Nintendo’s hybrid portable and home console. In addition, Bethesda previously announced that Skyrim would also release on the Switch. The Switch’s success and Nintendo’s own journey suggest that the company is expanding far beyond the kids’ market, and that means mature titles like Bethesda’s games can find new audiences where none existed before.

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_-EDMIX-_330d ago

It's good to see them pioneering and trying new things to reach new audiences ,but if those audiences on PC and on Playstation VR and on Nintendo switch don't actually buy that content , we could very well see this company move away from those peripherals and install bases.

All of this really only continues if those endeavors are successful.

EddieNX 330d ago

I think the Switch will do fine and Bethesdas games will sell well on it. VR and PSVR in particular are total train wrecks already. £300 for a device that makes you sick, has no good games and and you use a few times....

Apocalypse Shadow330d ago (Edited 330d ago )

Eddie, PSVR will do fine with or without Bethesda. I don't know the final results but what would have been better is that they should have built a VR game from the ground up based in the Skyrim world and not try and shoehorn a game into VR.

You don't do this with single player trying to make it online, you don't do this with movies and try to graft 3D after the fact and you don't push VR for MOST flat screen games not built for it. If their games end up working, then great. But it shouldn't be made this way.

Obviously, you never played in VR to know better as there are many great games already. Only naysayers think immersive, optional gaming will stick to flat screens for the next 40 years. It's the same as saying 3D polygonal gaming shouldn't exist and we should still be playing with sprites and pixels. Or that regular games shouldn't exist because some individuals have epilepsy and can't handle flashing lights.

And it doesn't make everyone sick or we would have seen massive recalls for all VR headsets. So, spitting out FUD doesn't make you correct.

EddieNX 330d ago (Edited 330d ago )

PSVR and other VR are just super overpriced gimmicks. Nobody wants it except a handful of people, and even they are left regretting their purchase and not playing it.

Skyrim on PSVR was apparently absolutely awful. You have to teleport to move and the number of enemies has been cut back to a minimum. It's supposed to making games better not worse.

The PS4 is a fantastic console with great games yes, but PSVR is a total train wreck already... Sony probably don't care though because the PS4 it's self is doing so well.

The Switch will be successful and Bethesda games will sell at least enough to satisfy Bethesda. Can't say the same about VR unfortunately...

_-EDMIX-_330d ago (Edited 330d ago )

We don't know if the switch will do fine with bethesda's games and we don't know if PlayStation VR will do okay with bethesda's games.

The only way any of those continue is if those endeavors are financially successful for this company. You don't know what Bethesda needs to sell for those games to be successful or to satisfy this company to be quite honest no one really does other than that team.

I mean you probably could have said the same thing about watch dogs or Deus Ex or Mass Effect or many series yet many of those dropped Nintendo as soon as they were able to sell enough units

As to why you don't see Watch Dogs 2 or Deus Ex or Mass Effect Andromeda on the switch or Wii U.

So you just don't really know how those games are going to perform to really say what they're going to do.

This is not even saying they won't do well this is simply saying neither of us actually knows how they're going to do in the first place.

generic-user-name330d ago

You only dump on VR because Nintendo doesn't support it, RE7 alone already proves you wrong in every way. VR is far more important to gaming than the Switch will ever be.

EddieNX 330d ago

@genericusername technically Nintendo got there first with virtual boy... Nintendo have recently developed an out sorced VR Mario kart arcade game.and it's supposed to be amazing. I'd argue that's the right way to do VR and where it belongs atm. PSVR is overpriced and has nothing worth buying it for. Resident evil plays fine without it...

generic-user-name330d ago

"You have to teleport to move and the number of enemies has been cut back to a minimum."

Literally telling lies. Teleporting is optional. You can use smooth movement on both the DS4 controller AND the Move controllers. The number of enemies has not been cut back, the demo just had a lot of features disabled and god mode enabled in order for people to see as much of it as possible in 5 minutes, which was the allotted demo time.

"technically Nintendo got there first"

Even if we accept the sorry excuse for VR that was the Virtual Boy, that has nothing to do with this conversation, they aren't doing it 'now' is my point. If they were you'd be drooling all over it.

"Nintendo have recently developed an out sorced VR Mario kart arcade game.and it's supposed to be amazing. I'd argue that's the right way to do VR and where it belongs atm."

I'm not one bit surprised that you think the one, singular, correct way to do VR just so happens to be the one, singular, way that Nintendo happens to be doing it and that you believe, without trying it, that it's 'amazing'.

"PSVR is overpriced and has nothing worth buying it for."

The Switch is overpriced and has nothing worth buying that can't be had on either the Wii U or on another console in vastly superior quality. See? I can do it too!

"Resident evil plays fine without it..."

Yeah, fine without it, amazing with it. BotW plays fine on Wii U. Skyrim plays undeniably better on PS4/X1/PC. At least VR changes how you play and puts you right in it. What does the Switch version of Skyrim add? Portability? Yawn.

Apocalypse Shadow329d ago (Edited 329d ago )

I do find it interesting Eddie when you're speaking of cost with VR. Switch is a good console but gamers would end up spending almost $400 to play one awesome game which is Zelda. But why spend the money when you can play that same game on last gen with the Wii U?

Course, you might say, "because you can play it on the go." Well, gamers like me bought VR to become more immersed in some games that you can't get from a portable hybrid.

You're also coming off of a failed console and have no idea if switch will continue its success that it has garnered currently. Most third parties still aren't there yet. Interesting how you are giving switch a chance to succeed but not VR. And as a side note, virtual boy wasn't VR. Clearly showing that you don't know gaming history or what VR actually does.

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DJK1NG_Gaming329d ago (Edited 329d ago )

wrong. Bethesda already said they to build a relationship with Nintendo and Nintendo Fans with games on the Switch.
Skyrim is coming because Zelda Breath of the Wild
Doom is coming because there isn't any FPS yet on Switch.
Not only that they have already confirmed that they plan to support the Switch with more games after the 3 that already coming to the system.


Do some research.

Soulst0rmer330d ago

I would love to have Fallout 3 on Switch

wonderfulmonkeyman330d ago

I vote for Fallout 4, personally, because a Metroid Varia Suit Power Armor just makes waaaaaay too much sense to ignore.XD

Summons75330d ago

Wasn't there a rumor not too long ago of Fallout 4 possibly being on Switch?

Prince_TFK330d ago (Edited 330d ago )

I think Fallout 4 will definitely come to the Switch. Not this year, mind you, but I hope during the beginning of next year.

wonderfulmonkeyman330d ago (Edited 330d ago )

What I'm seeing from Bethesda so far has me hopeful.
Wolfenstein next year, especially, feels like a bigger step forward than most third parties took on Wii U.
As long as they don't shit on me, like EA did with the Mass Effect debacle, I'll gladly do what I can to support Beth on Switch.

_-EDMIX-_330d ago

I mean consider this you could have been just as hopeful as what you saw from Watch Dogs Assassin's Creed Mass Effect Deus Ex and many other series that went to the Wii U.

How well they perform is really what's going to determine those series Futures on that platform

Bethesda is still a business and they're not putting games on this system just to be nice, they want to make money and if they're unable to make money you're going to see the exact same things you saw from those other publishers. I mean trust me I'm sure you'll gladly buy anything regardless of quality to support a third-party publisher /s

but you're not actually every single last Nintendo owner consider 100 million people owned a Wii in only two to three million bought Call of Duty.

Call of Duty sold more units on PlayStation 3 and 360 even with both of those platforms selling less than the Wii.

I'm sure you're going to buy it but I don't really think you speak for that entire install base either.

Put it this way, one version of Call of Duty on the 360 sold more units than every single last version of Call of Duty that's sold on Wii and Wii U combined, that is probably one of the reasons why you saw infinite Warfare skip the Wii U and why you saw World War II Call of Duty skip the switch, at some point developers could only waste so much money waiting for this install base to buy something.

wonderfulmonkeyman330d ago (Edited 330d ago )

I just love how you keep pointing out Call of Duty on Wii and Wii U, while conveniently overlooking the fact that they got none of the extra content that they needed to stand a CHANCE of selling even half the numbers that other consoles got out of it.
That and the fact that you're expecting the CoD games to sell to a fanbase that was snubbed by the company behind them for a very long time, while conveniently doing anything you can in your spare damned time to drive both Nintendo AND none-Nintendo fans AWAY from supporting third parties on Switch.

The bottom line is that if the games are good, the fans will buy them, and if they aren't, then the fans won't do so.
CoD on Wii and Wii U were both bad examples that couldn't even draw the die-hards of the series into double-dipping for them, and you've somehow got the unmitigated gall to try and blame Nintendo fans for not buying them?

Third parties aren't entitled to sales on Switch just because they sell well to the feckless addicts on every other console who buy each title out of habit.

I wasn't hopeful for "Watch Dogs Assassin's Creed Mass Effect Deus Ex CoD etc" to get anywhere near the sales they do on other platforms, because I knew that they would either be missing too much content to be appealing, or the original fanbase would never double-dip for them on a new console.
And I was right.
On both counts.

Yet the irony is that I STILL bought some of them, in the hopes that it would do SOMETHING, while people like you sat back on your ass and laughed instead of actually doing anything to help third parties along on the system at all, even when some games that WERE worth buying popped up on it.

Small as the sales were, Nintendo fans did more to support those games on Nintendo consoles than the ACTUAL FANBASES did, yet all those none-Nintendo gamers could do was sit on their console-war high-horses and gloat about how much they sold elsewhere.
Count me out from that.
I'll give the games sales if I feel they're worth it at this point, but I'm not going to blindly support everything like you would if the PS4 were the one struggling.

Heck, there are times where I don't support Nintendo's first party games.
I pick and choose, and sometimes, like in the case of Mass Effect 3 Special Edition, I choose poorly.

But when someone like Bethesda, who has basically ignored Nintendo gamers for 2+ generations of consoles, suddenly starts bringing in big names, I'd like to try and give that a chance to blossom.

Unlike SOMEONE here, who spends 99% of their time downplaying these games because they're on a Nintendo system, and because "old ports are old and ugly".

So if you really want to help "determine those series Futures" on Switch, howsabout you stop popping in on every article dedicated to the Switch with nothing but negativity to lob around?

Maybe then I'll give you another reply. But at this point, I'm done entertaining your nonsense for the day.

_-EDMIX-_330d ago (Edited 330d ago )

@Wonder-"the original fanbase would never double-dip for them on a new console"

The Wii has a hundred million people own why would you depend on another install base to buy another system to play games they already own? Did you just assume that everybody who owns Call of Duty on 360 buys it again on PlayStation 3?


So what you're telling me is it upon a completely different install base to buy the same games on another install base? What about the people who only own the Wii?

This is the craziest thing I've ever read your essentially blaming the low sales of a game on a completely different install base as opposed to the people who own the platform itself.

"conveniently overlooking the fact that they got none of the extra content that"

Except none of that content is even going to matter to someone who only owns the Wii. Lots of games on PC have mods does that mean the PlayStation 3 and 360 versions will never sell? People buy games for Quality content they don't buy games based on what the lacking from a completely different version on a system they don't own.

That would be like me not buying Skyrim on PlayStation 3 because mods exist on PC (if I didn't own a PC)

Stop with the excuses!

It released on those platforms and didn't sell well.

That's it.

Bioshock released on PlayStation 3 and technically it performed better on 360 AND PC in terms of performance and it's still sold well enough for the rest of the Bioshock series to release on that platform, the excuses just tiresome.

You can't have an excuse that Nintendo Gamers didn't buy Call of Duty because of this extreme high standard yet you're also saying Nintendo gamers only care about gameplay when talking about missing features and lower resolution and framerate on Doom.

So will that be the same excuse if Doom performs poorly?

100 million units resulted in 1-3 Million COD sales

There is no reason why two systems who both sold the less are moving on average 14 to 13 million units of Call of Duty every year!

The install base just doesn't buy 3rd party like that.

Why would I need to do anything to help? That has nothing to do with me. I don't own Wii U and I have no ode to buy the worst version of games on the Wii just cuz I own it.

I have no clue why you're getting upset at me as if I have some responsibility to personally help this company succeed 😂😂😂

I buy what I want. Clearly so do Nintendo gamers. You can't get mad at Gamers for not buying what they don't want. It's just immature and illogical, makes no sense.

I'm not saying you blindly support anything as you yourself are the one who saying you're going to buy something simply out of support (doesn't even sound like you took quality into the equation)

You seem to be the only one that is somes that people are buying games to push some sort of agenda 😂😂😂

I buy games for fun. Vs "I'll gladly do what I can to support" lol


Again, I buy for fun, not blind support.

Me not really liking Nintendo has nothing to do while your own fans who bought their systems decided to not buy third party games.

I'm not 100 million Wii owners (granted I'm one of them) not all

Blame your own friends who all own the hardware for not buying those games in the first place.

Everyones fault but Nintendo owners huh?

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Profchaos329d ago

I know Skyrim VR has taken allot of flack over it's control scheme but I'm excited to play it on psvr the negitive reactions towards VR are usually from people who haven't actually experienced VR.

Still at australia $99 it's quite a steep price tag for a VR game or any game at that

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