Final Fantasy IX PS One vs PS4 Graphics Comparison

Final Fantasy IX was surprisingly announced and released during TGS 2017. As it seems PS4 edition is a port of PC version already available on Steam since quite some time. Nevertheless it’s still worth checking how the game has been improved since its debut back in 2000 so without further ado let’s compare PS One original with PS4 remake.

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FallenAngel1984298d ago

When I was playing this I was extremely impressed how much better everything looked, especially many characters' faces

Michiel1989298d ago

I like the old one better, prob for nostalgic reasons. But i gotta say they did a good job on remastering it

nitus10297d ago

Why be nostalgic for what is effectively a pixelated mess?

I am not against the result from a particular older technology since that was basically state of the art for that technology at the time but if at a later date the game is improved by various techniques to be closer or on par with modern day games then I am all for it providing the gameplay remains the same or has preferably been improved.

Of course, the downside is the fact that the graphically improved game normally requires payment to the people who did the improvement. If people don't like paying for an old game that has improved graphics and possibly gameplay then they can always play the original game that they purchased.

Michiel1989297d ago

why be nostalgic for what is effectively a pixelated mess?
and now u expect me to write a serious answer or something?

the whole idea behind nostalgia is that it's something from the past that you hold dear for whatever reasons. and your definition of a pixelated mess is clearly different from mine. If you would have played the games that are classics nowadays and would have played them when they were in their prime, you would feel different.

Are you really that oblivious that you are implying i have a problem with paying again for ff9?

Gardenia298d ago

But the UI is terrible, looks like a smartphone game

Bahamut298d ago

That's because it is a smartphone game that was ported to the PS4.

Sam Fisher297d ago

How about ps4 vs smart phone version

ninsigma298d ago

Wow, what a fantastic improvement! Good job SE!

Mulando298d ago

well it's just the steam-version that was already Remastered.
Nothing new here.

ninsigma297d ago

Yeah but I've never seen it so I'm appreciating it now :)

AnnaDea298d ago

Looks very good compared to the original. Too bad they deleted the 1080p native backgrounds when they made the game. Would look awesome for the ps4 with today´s televisions.

KiRBY3000298d ago

They didnt delete the backgrounds. Some guy managed to grab some of the orginal from Square and they look simply stunning. Check it out:

They did a good job and every aspect of the 3D part of the game (character models, battle zones) as well as updating the resolution for the cutscenes, but the super low resolution 2D backgrounds really hurt the experience. I dont even understand how they think it's ok to do that. The re-release could have been something really special.
Same goes for FF7 and FF8.

It's not even that much of an effort. A small team and a couple of month could take care of that.

AnnaDea298d ago

What I heard was that the hard drive crashed and those few are the ones that are left. Hopefully a bad rumor. Would be awesome with a real reamster in the future. Modders on the pc part has done a great job though.

ShadowWolf712297d ago

Nah dude, those are the only ones that survived. Almost all the rest are lost forever.

franwex297d ago

I've always loved ff9s backgrounds. They put so much detail and effort into every screen. I was disappointed that they didn't improve them for this release.
The ones on that link are amazing!

The_Jackel298d ago

and yet just the other day we got this
"Rare Boss Doesn’t Think It’s Okay To Make The Same Game That People Loved With Updated Graphics"
I think Rare boss has gone and f*cked up

LAWSON72298d ago (Edited 298d ago )

It is a fair opinion when the industry does not need it such as Banjo 3, it is sad to admit but true.

People bitch constantly about CoD and AC, while some praise the dev time of Rockstar, Bethesda and CDPR games. If you want to be on the latter team I would not call that fucking up. It is a popular opinion.

Rare is at a state right now where a remaster is the last thing that will prove their abitility, while a title like Sea of Thieves is taking time and looks promising. There are companies formed to do remasters almost exclusively, I don't think Rare does not want to be one of them.

PlayableGamez-298d ago

Kardashians befeore surgery vs Kardashians after surgery.

Team_Litt297d ago

I'm not sure which is supposed to be good in that analogy

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