Nintendo Switch running Skyrim looks less pretty than other versions, but just as fun

Wonder what The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim running on the Nintendo Switch actually looks like? It's understandable, as the game was teased from day one of the Switch reveal. But wonder no more, as the game was playable on the show floor of EGX 2017 (formerly known as the Eurogamer Expo) and was recorded a few minutes' worth of gameplay for you.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima77d ago

“Nintendo Switch running Skyrim looks less pretty than other versions, but just as fun”

Well it’s on weaker hardware so that is expected. The positive is you can play Skyrim on handheld mode. That’s awesome.

NohansenBoy77d ago

I can't wait to see what the Ti-84 and toaster versions of Skyrim looks like.

Kun_ADR77d ago

Can't wait for this game. I'm gonna purchase it to support Bethesda for their great support on the Switch.

KakashiHotake76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

That's actually what it's going to take to get more third party support on the Switch. The hardcore fanbase has to support companies other than Nintendo. If Bethesda makes good on their returns other third parties will take notice and you never know, might get GTA on the Switch. It's all business as usual what it boils down to.

Jinger77d ago

For like 1 hour until the battery dies

Ghost_of_Tsushima77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

There’s always a compromise. Maybe plug it in? It’s still great having the ability to play all these great games anywhere anytime.

Kun_ADR77d ago

When Games like BOTW lasts 2 to 3 hours in one charge, I don't know where your notion of Skyrim last for "1" hour come from.

Let be realistic here, its gonna last at least 2 to 3 hours as well.

mcstorm77d ago

Wow @jinger stop with the negative thoughts. What other handheld console can you play this game on?

Also ide expect about 3 hours battery life for a game like this botw dose and that's plenty of time for a handheld game how often do people game for more than 3 hours in a row on the move and also don't have some sort of power source with/near them.

deafdani76d ago

BOTW lasts about 3 hours, give or take. Skyrim will most likely be similar.

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C-H-E-F76d ago

I played Skyrim on my Vita, why is this a story?

deafdani76d ago

Because your Vita wasn't running it natively. Good luck playing without a stable internet connection on both ends.

Remote play is a nice feature to have, but comparing that to actually playing a game natively on a portable console is ridiculous.

C-H-E-F76d ago

Good luck? Dude i'm running google fiber, no luck needed people with 15$ internet always complaining about internet, how about you this, you get what you pay for and natively woooooooow that's so amazing, It runs on my mac, it runs on my PS4 it runs on my vita and runs on my phone for 1 single price.

The only difference is my ish doesn't look like rubbish when i played it, LMAO, i take remote play over this weak native port any day.

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Retard77d ago

"Skyrim, the game that just doesn't quit on you generation after generation."


I look forward to fallout 3/vegas😂

SuperRaccoon77d ago

Honestly, New Vegas would be great, if it were offered at a good price and performed better than on the PS3/360. It would help cleanse the palate after Fallout 4.

They would have to manage to do it all for a good price considering anyone can pop open Steam during almost any sale and get it for less than $5.

Movefasta199377d ago

New Vegas is a way better game anyways,I'd take f3 and Vegas with their dlc over 4

Summons7577d ago

Fallout 4 made up for NV trash. But I suppose you like absolutely broken games. At least Fallout 4 you could get out of the starting area without running into 3 different game-breaking bugs.

Vegamyster77d ago


I put 70 hours into New Vegas and had no game breaking bugs.

adonisisfree77d ago

Fallout 3 was an awful game..

babadivad77d ago

It was inferior to New Vegas by a long shot. But when it launched, not knowing the awesomeness that is New Vegas was being cooked up, I thought it was great.

Fall Out 3's greatness[for it's time] had me hyped for New Vegas. There wouldn't have been a New Vegas if Fallout 3 was a bad game.

Kun_ADR77d ago

I think at this point, Fallout 4 has a higher chance of appearing.

In other note, I really hope to see Pillar of Eternity 2 appearing on the Switch somedays. I love the first one, and playing the second on the go would be amazing.

Ristul77d ago

New Vegas on the go? Where do I sign up, that would be awesome!

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gtxgamer277d ago

Don't get me wrong I love skyrim. But all this time porting to next gen and switch plus the Vr ports they could've put the time in for the next elder scrolls.

Legion2177d ago

It's probably a different/smaller team working on it.

SuperRaccoon77d ago

It's actually just two guys, Steve from accounting and Spunky the janitor.

TheColbertinator77d ago


Spunky is my hero

Nintentional77d ago

@SuperRacoon, Spunky once let me borrow $5 for lunch and didn’t even want me to pay him back.

Gamble2077d ago

As others have pointed out, at this stage it’s realy not an enormous amount of effort to port it over. It’s just a way to make a quick buck. Whether they did or did not develop it does not impact the speed with which they roll out the next Elder Scrolls.

_-EDMIX-_77d ago


The teams that they have actually doing these ports are not even going to be big enough to actually create an entire game in fact I don't think most of you even fully understand how ports are made if you honestly believe the same time could be made to create a game from the ground up

Ports of games could be made literally in mere weeks in fact the Switch is so easy to work with they could get ports up and running within days.

The teams that actually fully create ground up Elder Scrolls games do not actually make ports what you're talking about is completely irrelevant you're basically trying to compare a rerun to an entire brand new episode.

Do you believe running a rerun is the same thing as creating an episode from the ground up?

Do you believe that a restoration Team set to put Star Wars Episode 4 in 4k is doing the exact same thing as making a ground up brand new Star Wars movie?

When you actually understand what is being done you'll also understand why the notion of a ground-up game being made in its place is actually quite ridiculous and irrelevant to both products.

Once again just to put this into perspective that would be like asking the teams that edit and restore films to make a Star Wars movie from the ground up, you might be talking about a team of maybe five or ten people that are Not actors or not writers were not making set design for god sakes please dear God read what porting and restoration actually is, it has absolutely nothing to do with actual creation in regards to how you make a video game or a movie the two are irrelevant to each other

It is not an either or

Rebel_Scum77d ago

So says the guy who's probably never heard of regression testing.

Kun_ADR77d ago

Bethesda is already in development of two new games, GOT and a space game. So I doubt porting Skyrim would take enormous effort for them.

And who to say that they aren't developing a new Elder Scrolls?

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MetroidFREAK2177d ago

Looks worse than the Special Edition XB1/PS4/PC versions... Looks better than the original 360/PS3 version... All I care about is how the game performs and plays. Graphics be damned.