Sly Cooper Turns 15 Today, Look Back at His Thievius Debut

Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus released fifteen years ago today. Take a look back at his PlayStation 2 debut, and learn about the PlayStation icon.

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thatguyhayat360d ago

Aaah remember harassing my mum for the first game back in the days. We got sly cooper then Infamous. Wonder what theyre new game will be

360d ago
dragon_rocks359d ago

Sly 2 and Kingdom Hearts were the games that got me into gaming. IMO Sly 2 had the best overall atmosphere, levels and story and Sly 4 had the best mechanics. I really hope they make a Sly 5.

Aceman18359d ago

Love Sly series. Really loved all 3 platforming franchises on ps2.