Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Tries to Cash in on the Name, By Offering None of the Charm

Marvel vs Capcom became a popular franchise for a couple of reasons. The first was a diverse roster, which included both mainstream and unusual choices, with the other being gameplay, which allowed for infinite combos and other imbalances, in the name of some people’s fun.

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PhoenixUp150d ago

That's what sickens me the most about the game. They took one of my favorite franchises of all time and took out what I liked most about it which includes the comic art style, a large roster, a lot of unexpected characters, & lots of newcomers from various franchises.

They took out many things that fans of this 23 year old franchise just to appeal to the MCU audience.

Most egregious of all is She-Hulk's winquote to Deadpool in MvC3

"If there's ever an MvC4, I'll destroy you there too, Wade."

Yet neither are in the fourth Marvel vs Capcom game, among various other fan favorites.

-Foxtrot150d ago

That's what Capcom do these days, change existing franchises or dumb them down by cashing in on something.

Sonyslave3150d ago

Shehulk and deadpool gonna be dlc add-on capcom gotta make their money.

link2Dpast148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

Yea the game seems to be a huge letdown. I know never judge a book by its cover but I don't even wanna give it a try and throw away 60$. Since MvsC2, the franchise has been a shell of itself. I sometimes hop on my PS3 and go online to play MvsC2 but sadly no one is ever on😭. Instead of Nintendo going for street fighter on the switch they should of went with MvsC2 or tatsunokoVsCapcom that title coming from the Wii gen is easily the most underrated fighter in this age. If they can some way put either one on the switch but I'm guessing it'll be more possible TatvsCap, it'll flourish for sure, the switch can definitely use a first party fighter

Veneno148d ago

If you are looking for a fun and competitive fighting game with a big number of players then you should get this game. If you want a good single player primarily then stay far away.

I had my doubts before buying too but I did and don't regret it. The old characters feel completely new on their own and with the stone system they have even more variations. The game looks good esp the backgrounds. Its true the characters show less personality but there is still some there to work with. I think maybe they use story mode as an excuse but it is not a deal breaker. The DLC characters look awesome as well.

Flipgeneral148d ago

Dare I say, the game is actually fun.

Put in tonnes of hours already.

Too bad everyone's missing out.

thejigisup148d ago

Patch for she hulk win quote incoming.

Lexreborn2148d ago

This comment might as well be "They didn't re-sell me MvC3 with more characters so this game is garbage!" Seriously what's wrong with you guys? MvC isn't x-men vs street fighter not Marvel Super heroes anymore. It's a new game. Why is it every time a new fighter comes out people have to gripe that it's not the old one THAT 90% OF PEOPLE who saw that said THE SAME THING you are saying now.

This happens every single time a new capcom fighter releases yet by the time it's dead and gone you guys will be talking about it as if you loved it from the beginning. If they DLC the characters in or re-wrap the package in an UMVCI then you guys will be fawning over that.

You know what I don't even care because I know that on this thread there's going to be people disagreeing anyways. I'm playing the game having a damn BLAST at it and eating up all the new mechanics, animation and variations on older characters with new a like.

I look forward to supporting the source in which gives me the enjoyment I get too.

Lexreborn2148d ago

Yes because it make's you a sheep to play, buy and enjoy a video game. It make's you a sheep that you legit follow the online warriors of "OMGZ IT'S NOT SOMETHING I WANTED EVEN THOUGH IM BEGGING FOR THE SAME THING" crew.

If you want UMVC3 so bad guess what? You can buy it on PS3, 360, PC, PS4 and Xbone any day of the week. And still have online. Happy now sheep?

DivineBliss148d ago

They sold you a 20% finished game with a crap roster of characters that only pander to their movies, with an absolutely AWFUL art direction. The animations are terrible, the story is a 12 year Olds fan fiction. The voice acting is beyond bad with every sentence being sounded out like it was meant for a 4 yr old with down syndrome. If you want to spend your money on crap that's fine, but don't act like we're angry because it's not mvc 2 or 3. We're angry because it's a bad game with shady business practices designed for sheep.

Lexreborn2147d ago

Okay then since you want to play that game. Explain the story of MvC1, 2 and 3...... Go ahead... Tell me about that wonderful story they constructed with such intricate plots and character development. I'll wait. And how about how MvC2 was literally just a cut and paste of every character they used from previous games with like 2 new characters?

Oh how about how it took xmen vs sf, marvel super heroes and mvc1 to even build the entire roster of MvC2. That's right 4 games with copy and paste characters and mechanics that you think was so beautiful right? Or how about the fact that UMVC3 was copy paste of MVC3 with 4 new characters but nothing else new. Yeahhhhh you are so right this game is SOOOOOO different then the latter half of the franchise.

Do yourself a favor just stop playing games all together. Since you can't enjoy the medium stay the hell away from it.

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148d ago
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Lexreborn2148d ago Speak for yourself this game has all the charm of the old one with a new skin and additional mechanics.

princejb134148d ago

I can't get over the ugly graphics. When I play 2d fighters I expect 2d graphics. Is much more appealing to me.
Dragon ball z fighters has my money

mynameisBlade148d ago

This game was a given "DO NOT BUY" out the gate. Anyone who bought this shit with hopes of it being good, just wasted money. The true problem is the customer that purchases shit like this, while knowing exactly how shitty the shit is. People have to start showing companies how they feel with their wallets and not their complaints after already falling into the trap of buying.. For those who bought it for a review is understandable, but those who are die hard fans, I feel even worse for you.

gangsta_red148d ago

This game has been getting a ton of mediocre reviews which is amazing with it being a Marvel vs title which you would think is a sure thing. But marketing and politics killed this game, the roster at least on the Marvel side is a more than obvious MCU cash in, the capcom side of the roster is even less appealing with more of the same characters returning add the day one season pass characters and Capcom's now famous "fighting games as a service" and this franchise is pretty much ruined.

Capcom has found a good way to kill a lot of excitement for two of their most popular franchises.

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