Fortnite vs PUBG: A Conflict of Interest

Bluehole may have handled the situation poorly, but their concerns are valid and Epic will need to respond.

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Servbot41362d ago

This is the pettiest garbage ever. "Waah you're better at using a game engine so you shouldn't be allowed to make a game similar to ours!"

Focus on development instead of complaining about others and maybe your game won't feel like its coming apart at the seams after each update.

letsa_go361d ago

Are they going to go Phil Fish, or Hello Games?

PigsR4Eating361d ago

How is that particular concern petty? They have likely already payed EPIC millions for rights to the engine, and I think their concern that EPIC could utilize/develop engine features specifically for their battle royale game and withhold them from bluehole, which is clearly a conflict of interest, is legitimate. I don't know why Bluehole is worried, Fortnite looks like battle royale for 5 year olds. Completely agree this should all be discussed internally and shouldn't be news.

iceman06360d ago

Many people have paid for rights to an engine. It's only natural to assume that whoever you paid the rights to will have the superior knowledge of said engine. Therefore when you purchase that engine, or do business with a larger entity with the monetary power of Epic, there's always this chance. Unless they got some no-compete clauses in writing, which I highly doubt, Bluhole is probably not in position to do more than complain. Did they patent any dev processes or ideas? Or, which is more likely, did they trust too much? So, while they might not look petty, Bluehole looks a bit hapless. Epic just looks like they exploited a loophole or exerted their corporate power to add something to their game.

SavageKuma362d ago

I know this was going to happen. But yea, they should not take the petty route with this.

AspiringProGenji362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

More like A-hole

UCForce361d ago

Now Epic Game have a free advertisement.

notachance361d ago

lol what a blunder, what they're doing is basically a free advertising for fortnite while shooting themselves in the foot.
Now there are many people aware of the game who would otherwise never heard of it.

The biggest nail in the coffin is that Fortnite's battle royale is completely free and has better optimization so that many potato laptops that can't play PUBG can try the game.

DillyDilly361d ago (Edited 361d ago )

Was Sony's attempt at copying Smash Brothers a conflict of interest ?

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The story is too old to be commented.