Why are Simulators so Popular?

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Trucks, trains, tractors, planes—there's a simulator for almost everything out there. Why are they such a big genre in gaming?

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Fluke_Skywalker363d ago

Not read the article but I'm guessing it's because they let us feel like we're doing things we want to do in real life but can't. Simple really.

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_-EDMIX-_363d ago

Because they want to simulate things

The_Jackel363d ago

Without reading the article. Its because alot of people want to do their dream jobs but either can't get into them for a chance to do it or do not have the qualifications to do it... so whats the next best thing? Simulators buy all the bells and whistles (which can be expencive as all hell) and off you go doing the dream job weather it be trains, boats, cars, planes ect. I work in the rail industry as a driver and i know one thing about 70% that do the job are in love with trains. If its not trains its planes. Im in the other 30% i love the job but not train crazy

opinionated363d ago (Edited 363d ago )

I think there is a craving for gameplay. A simulator is fully dynamic, it's a game based on ever changing systems. No two playthroughs will ever be the same. You will learn better ways to do things and upgrade your playstyle. I think that's why games like xcom and the chess styled games have also made a new home on consoles. People yearn for something that is not on cinematic rails, they want replayable gameplay systems. That's why sports games and multiplayer games are also popular.

iceman06363d ago

That's a good point. The critical thinking aspect of gaming is often overlooked in terms of what gamers desire. Combining that with the need for constant adaptation due to the dynamic nature of sims, which is more representative of reality than faux randomness, and it becomes it's own unique experience each time you play.