46 Switch games represented at TGS 2017 this year

Number of games for every gaming system at TGS shown.

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CrimsonWing69154d ago

Ok but can you make an emphasis that it's a majority of indie games and eShop games?

I think people will misconstrue this as full on retail games, which of course it isn't.

GordonKnight154d ago

What is a indie? Really?

There are a number of indie games that are better than most AAA games. Steam world Dig 2 feels like a full retail game, due to the quality of the game. Imo

EddieNX 154d ago

I'm gunna buy it as soon as I've done the last boss on Kingdom Battle 😎

Sirk7x153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

Inside for example, got 9s and 10s across the board, and is one of the best games to release in the last few years.

Istolla154d ago

What's your point? What is the difference between indie games and non indie games?

MrFisher21154d ago

Lol. Your past the point if recognition. Your in arguement mode.

CrimsonWing69154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

Budget, production value, etc.

I guess think of like straight to DVD movies vs. theatrical released movies if that helps... I mean I thought the difference was obvious.

Neonridr154d ago

how many indie titles represent the Playstation library of games though? Indies are a huge part of the industry, whether you enjoy them or not. The more games the merrier.

While I get what you are saying that they aren't AAA 3rd party devs all making games for the Switch, it still goes to show that there are a ton of developers who are interested in getting their stuff on the Switch, and that can only be seen as a good thing for them.

TekoIie153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

Indies were a pretty big talking point at the time PS4 and Xbox One launched, but people here seem to have mysteriously changed their tune for some reason 🤔

Switch is getting solid Indie support and there's no arguing against that. They've made good progress when it comes to improving their AAA/AA catalogue but still quite a ways to go. The fact that developers WANT to put their games on the Switch is a good step. The question is if it's possible for these AAA titles to be ported.

FinalFantasyFanatic153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

Very few people get excited for indies (look at the XoneX conference or the end of the Vita's life), personally I find most indies something to be passed over, apart from a few standout titles like Enter the Gungeon, Hyperlight Drifter, Shovel Knight ect... Which are really fun despite having such low budgets (keeping in mind some titles are more appeal to certain people and not others). It's so early in the Switch's life, I don't mind if it's initially got mostly indies to begin with until the higher budget games start rounding out the library.

Gh05t153d ago

What people? Who are you trying to protect?

MisterManGuy153d ago

Why do we need to separate retail from eShop games? If it's developed for the Switch, it's a Switch game, plain and Simple. Snake Pass is just as much of a Switch game as Breath of the Wild is.

wonderfulmonkeyman153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

The narrative that there aren't any indie games as good as "full on retail games" is a false narrative in the first place, so why should it be emphasised as if the indies aren't as important?

Even Sony places importance on indies, so there shouldn't be any argument or differentiation needed here.

It seems like there are a lot of people who are trying to put indies in the same basket as shovelware to discredit the strength of the Switch's lineup lately, and that's just plain scummy.

There were 46 games listed for the Switch.
Most of them are GOOD GAMES.

That's what matters, so let's keep the cherry-picked "but it's just a bunch of worthless indies" narrative out of it and let the quality of each game speak for itself more than their origins.

Kun_ADR153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

Did you even read the article? It clearly state that "46 different Switch games can be found at TGS. As the system’s first year, that isn’t too shabby. Indie games and other smaller eShop titles are definitely a factor, but those types of projects shouldn’t be ignored".

Also what is so wrong about indies? I rather take indies games like Stardew Valley, Golf Story, and Steamworld Dig 2 over generic me-too AAA shooter any days.

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michellelynn0976153d ago

The Switch is really showing what a powerhouse it is in the video game industry. This machine has bought Nintendo back and I am so happy about that.

Servbot41153d ago

Now how many are indie ports from PC and PS4 released months or years ago, sold at two-to-four times the price on the aforementioned platforms?

Nintentional153d ago

I’ll bet any Sony fanboy on N4G $100 that the lifetime sales of Switch will exceed lifetime sales of PS4 💵💵 😂

septemberindecember153d ago

I don't think that it will, but I bet the Switch will succeed greatly and become one of Nintendo's best selling consoles.

DJK1NG_Gaming153d ago

In Japan yup. Go ahead and expect that paycheck.

Nintentional153d ago

No, total lifetime sales includes all regions.