Shin Megami Tensei’s New Game On Switch Will Get More Info On October 23, 2017

Atlus announced at TGS 2017 that they’ll have more to show for the upcoming Shin Megami Tensei game.

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FallenAngel1984444d ago

I haven't see a Shin Megami Tensei game released on a console for the longest time

Summons75443d ago

Hope you mean mainline because there was one just a few months ago.

_-EDMIX-_443d ago

Oooook nobody considers the shin Megami tensei Series and the Persona series as anything even remotely the same anymore (if they ever did) so I'm not even entirely sure why you're pretending to not understand what he means because I've never actually read anyone name Persona 5 as shin Megami tensei in some sort of confusion.

I know exactly what he means and he's talking about shin Megami tensei in regards to 5 ie preceding shin Megami tensei 4 that came out on 3DS.

Shin Megami tensei 4 did not come out on a console, it came out on a handheld.

Soulst0rmer443d ago

SMT games are the digital devil saga or something else? Isn't Persona a SMT title?

Summons75443d ago

You're horribly incorrect as usual. Persona has always been an SMT spinoff title. Nobody calls Skyrim "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" when referring to it but it's still a TES title just like nobody goes "Shin Megami Tensei: Persona" or "Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga". No, they say Persona or Digital Devil Saga.

It's also obvious that SMT 4 came out on a handheld which is why I said "hope you mean a mainline title" because it has been a long time since a mainline SMT game hit a console.

Again, learn at least get some info on what you are talking about before you come trolling because you are terrible.

_-EDMIX-_443d ago (Edited 443d ago )

Soul- yes Digital Devil Summoner is but Persona does not even use that title of shin Megami tensei Persona any longer based on likely confusion and It's actually irrelevant to the other shin Megami tensei games I believe all of it is semantics and actually pretty damn irrelevant.

I think going forward the only thing you're going to see titled shin Megami tensei actually is the main games of that name

Persona 5 on the actual box art does not say shin Megami tensei it simply says Persona 5.

So consider when somebody saying a shin Megami tensei title they're talking about the ones that literally just say shin Megami tensei followed by a number....

I don't know how anyone would call Persona 5, shin Megami tensei :Persona 5 when the people who made the game aren't even calling it that.

I mean I think it's cute that some people know that and want to show off that they know this information but that's all pretty irrelevant to most users I own almost every one of the games and multiple series from devil Summoner to Digital Devil Saga to Persona to the mainline shin Megami tensei games and I do not simply call them all one thing...

To me they're all different series regardless of what they're trying to subtitle it as cuz they have nothing to do with each other.

That would be like throwing the title of Nintendo over all the games they publish as if they all have some sort of connection or they're all 1 series or something.

So I think we could consider shin Megami tensei is 1 series , it is not multiple because the people who make the game aren't even seeing Persona as part of that series anymore. (If it ever really was besides name alone)

I think they simply added shin Megami tensei to Persona because they thought it would help the game sell more and it's now become more popular than the mainline series. Atlus was a small developer back then.

Not even though official website shows anything about shin Megami tensei as a subtitle or anything like that. It was likely to boost the sales of persona and Digital Devil Saga likely because the publisher believed marketing it this way would help boost sales.

@Summ-the Elder Scrolls is a specific series all of the games from Morrowind Oblivion Daggerfall Skyrim would have you are still part of the same universe and with the same characteristics.

The official website does not show shin Megami tensei because that's no longer a title used for persona.

I own Persona 5 and nowhere on the packaging on Persona 5 does it actually say shin Megami tensei that has been removed long ago.

GameBoyColor443d ago

persona is a different series, smt was tacked on only on the western releases to garner more support from fans, they removed smt from the tagline already too.

_-EDMIX-_443d ago

@Game- correct. I mean the official website shows nothing of shin Megami tensei for Persona 5.

I'm looking at the cover for Persona 5 right now and it shows nothing of the sort.

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_-EDMIX-_443d ago (Edited 443d ago )

Who knows maybe we might see one come to consoles Next Generation.

I'm currently playing through shin Megami tensei 3 Nocturne on PlayStation 3 via PSN download.

I think it's very likely that the game coming out on the Nintendo switch portable is going to be shin Megami tensei 5 considering shin Megami tensei 4 came out on 3DS.

FallenAngel1984443d ago

@ Summon

Of course I'm talking about the mainline series, which has been exclusively on mobile devices for a decade.

Last time I remember a Shin Megami Tensei game was on console was when it featured Dante from Devil May Cry.

_-EDMIX-_443d ago


I'm still not sure how anybody is trying to pretend they have no clue what anyone's talking about regarding this.

I could care less that the beginning of the title of a game says shin Megami tensei when Digital Devil Saga, devil Summoner, Persona are all not the same even slightly....

So when someone says they're looking forward to the next shin Megami tensei game I'm not just randomly assuming they're talking about 10 games at once, I literally understand you're specifically talking about the sequel to shin Megami tensei 4 that came out on the 3DS....

To me it's all semantics, I own most of those games and I don't consider them part of one series regardless of any stupid idiotic naming structure.

I personally do not know any fan of persona to actually call it shin Megami tensei.....

In fact I believe even Atlus is understanding this confusion I as Persona 5 no where on the actual cover does it say shin Megami tensei it literally just says Persona 5....

Razzer443d ago

Since PS2, I think. Would be nice to see SMT get full console treatment on Switch.

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_-EDMIX-_443d ago

I was looking forward to them having a Tokyo game show presentation for this game so it's sort of surprising that they chose not to.

Servbot41443d ago

Please don't be another #FE!

GameBoyColor443d ago

I liked #FE, though it definitely was not a real SMT game

Segata442d ago

#FE is great but we already know it's not #FE. This is flat out an SMT game. That much we know.