Have Microtransactions Gone Too Far?

Jarren: Microtransactions.

The dreaded word that every gamer doesn’t want to see or even hear in their games.

When you’re playing a video game and you find yourself having a good time, it can be rather irritating to see that microtransactions are implemented in the game.

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ChrisW175d ago

It went too far years ago...

RommyReigns175d ago

Way too far. It would be 'ok' if the game was free to play, but not when the asking price is £40/$60 and the developer/publisher asks for money on top for locked stuff in game.

Kosic175d ago

I completely agree. The mobile market are just as bad. Premium paid games having adverts and microtransstions is a joke.
It's only going to get worse for console gaming. The more we buy the games even ignoring the Mt they'll try push more content behind these pay walls.

Mr-Dude176d ago

Microtransactions are too far.. They don't belong in any game. Especially the disgusting lootboxes

OffRoadKing175d ago

Has bitching about microtransactions gone too far?

yomfweeee175d ago

Yes, it has.

If anything... bitch to the people blowing their money on it. It isn't going away. It is a highly successful business model.

TejasTV175d ago

Why do you care? Shouldn't you be on our side as a gamer?

TejasTV175d ago

Has your use of a penis pump gone do far?

OffRoadKing174d ago

Looks as if the mods aren't doing their jobs, if they were petulant little children like yourself would have been banned already. Grow up and stop making immature comments. And you wonder why no one is on your side.

TejasTV174d ago

Lol other way around meng.

Puty175d ago (Edited 175d ago )

The problem is that new generations start to play games, and who are used to microtransactions in their games(from the FREEtoplay model from mobiles). They are willing to spend the extra money because it is only natural for them and we are all screwed in the process.

More and more, when you are buying a new game nowadays you feel like it is only the beginning/incomplete product. So now people are hesitant to buy them day one because there is virtually no incentive. So you can wait for the "complete edition" or buy it used.

yomfweeee175d ago

New generations are just young kids and if their parents are so stupid to pay for it... then they deserve it.

TejasTV175d ago

Yeah. New gamers kind of suck

Apocalypze175d ago

Developers are using the same model of micro transaction as mobile gaming BUT even in mobile gaming the games are FREE , on Console you Pay $60 and developers are like 'F#ck you give me more money via micro transaction' ..... Cough cough NBA 2K18!

yomfweeee175d ago

Console games also cost 100s times more to develop.

TejasTV175d ago

Don't fall for that bs. Lots of titles budgets are all marketing.

ShadowWolf712174d ago (Edited 174d ago )

Golly gee, Guerilla must've lost Sony a TON by not shoving Micros into Horizon.

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The story is too old to be commented.