Detroit: Become Human Preview – David Cage’s Finest Work So Far? | Power Up Gaming

Chris Needham writes: "According to other players present in the demo booth, we estimate that up to six different endings – some good, some bad – were available; and that's just for one mission. It's refreshing to see that player agency in Detroit: Become Human isn't only provided as an illusion of choice but that your actions and decisions have real gravity; impacting not on only the overall narrative but each chapter of the story along the way."

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Rearden180d ago

Looks like a good game but what a shitty title, did a dyslexic come up with it?

TomKnowles180d ago

A dyslexic? What on earth are you talking about?

Segata179d ago

Well, Human Revolution was taken by a likely better game.

Soulst0rmer180d ago

Looks like it's going to be a good title

Segata180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

"finest work so far" Rather low bar anyway.

phoenixwing180d ago

Still don't know if I'll pick it up. I might wait a bit. Too many games next year for ps4. I already have a backlog of them but it's the kind of problem I'd like to have as a gamer.

_-EDMIX-_180d ago

I really like the narrative and what David Cage is trying to say about Humanity and the future of automation and AI. He is taking storytelling in gaming to just a whole new level and people will remember him as a pioneer in the industry.

If it's a story rich as his other games, I believe it will do really well. Day 1 for me.

Segata179d ago

rofl. He is a poor writer. I'm sure this game will have a short haired female and some tacked on sex scene and rape..can't forget that. His wannabe movie writing is The Room quality. People confuse complex with good. But sure all those polygons equal more emotions!