The Evil Within 2 Powered by Modified idTech: STEM Engine

Rely on Horror Writes: From the day The Evil Within 2 was revealed, avid players of the first game noted the sequel had a slightly new look and fidelity to it. Following the first game’s ostensive struggles with idTech 5, resulting in 30FPS gameplay, forced letterbox (later patched out), and poor PC Port performance, many — myself included — wondered if Tango Gameworks would opt for a more widely used engine like Unreal. That’s not the case.

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blu3_puls3324d ago

I really hope it will be optimized across all platforms. A little sad that it isn't idTech6 though.

Timesplitter14324d ago (Edited 324d ago )

IdTech6 seems to have been made very very specifically for Doom. Even the new Quake Champions uses IdTech5

Doom is probably the most optimized game on Earth currently so it's not that surprising


I just hope it has a 4k/hdr mode.