How does Forza 7 improve on Xbox One X over base hardware?

And can Microsoft's new console match the high-end 4K PC experience?

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Vasto360d ago

Turn 10 has done it again!

Obscure_Observer360d ago (Edited 360d ago )

Racing Masters! Even on the Xbox One the game is native 1080p locked at 60fps even with all cars on track at extreme weather conditions!

Trully impressive!

KionicWarlord222360d ago

"Essentially, the Xbox One X looks to be delivering the ultra-high-end experience without compromising performance, and as a result the game looks and feels great to play. It's shaping up to be the real deal - a native 4K60 racing game that features top-end PC quality visuals but on a console." -Digital Foundry

Turn 10 are the gods of the racing genre.

Xbox gamers get to have ultra high end experience on DA X.

The spoils just keep on coming.

Xbox gamers will never be famished.

Bring on DA X!

ProjectVulcan360d ago (Edited 360d ago )

By top end I presume they mean a mid range PC which can do 4K and 60FPS on this title. GTX1060 is all the graphics card you need for ultra settings, 4K and 60FPS on this game.

A high end PC can generally do Forza 7 in 8K. With 4K set as native resolution and 200 percent scaling (i.e double the resolution) you can honest to god run this 8K 60FPS on a high end PC with say a GTX1080 or Vega 64, if you really wanted to!

It seems the demo isn't quite as good as the final build either, there are some issues in the demo supposed to be sorted for the final build out next week.

KionicWarlord222360d ago

Digital Foundry mean exactly what there stating.

Xbox One X version is identical to the ultra settings PC in quality and matches the 4K/60 FPS target.

Theres nothing to debate as a PC gamer you can still enjoy it on your system there but Digital Foudnry have given there verdict.

DA X is bringing the heat.

ProjectVulcan360d ago (Edited 360d ago )

If it were originally designed as a PC game running at the highest PC settings then the statement makes sense. But it isn't. It's a console game ported onto PC. Forza is first and foremost a console series that moved onto PC only 18 months ago. It's highly debatable stating 'top end PC quality visuals' is an accurate assessment of the situation.

It is more like Xbox One X dictates the limit of settings due to the limit of it's hardware, and the game is simply ported across onto PC with the same options, albeit with higher quality AA and resolutions available.

So in truth, the accurate statement is that the game runs to X1X standards on a mid range PC, not that X1X matches a top end PC quality visuals. Because you don't need a top end PC.

KionicWarlord222360d ago

The only accurate statement is the one Digital Foundry has given that Xbox One X matches the PC level ultra settings in 4K 60 FPS.

This isnt just a "console port" to pc because features of Forza 7 are extensive on pc

"Forza Motorsport 7 is Built From the Ground Up for the Perfect PC Experience"

The PC version of Forza 7 settings do not just have the Xbox One settings for a console port but a extensive level of settings scaled up for Ultra.


"PC Customization Options – We created Forza Motorsport 7 to be optimized for a wide range of Windows 10 PCs. With options like benchmark mode, 21:9 displays, 8x MSAA and 16x anisotropic peripherals, every player can experience the game the way they want. And with an unlocked framerate, each race is customized to be visually stunning."

There are no settings set to Xbox One X on PC.

ProjectVulcan359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

Digital Foundry are simply incorrectly wording the reality of the situation. X1X is dictating the highest settings on the game, and it is clearly not built from 'the ground up' for PC, it's a console game that ended up on PC. Anyone can see that.

When has Forza been anything but a console game traditionally? It's only the Universal Windows Platform that opened up PC for all these games previously on console which is great, but that doesn't make them dedicated built for PC titles. No matter how much PR guff is fed to gullible people to eat up.

If the game were built from the ground up specifically for PC then it would probably have higher quality options for high end gaming PC. As it is the maximum settings align perfectly with X1X settings, which is OBVIOUSLY not a coincidence! That really is undefeatable logic. It's maximum settings because that's the limit of what X1X could do.

Those maximum settings being capable of running on a mid range PC.

KionicWarlord222359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

Its just the Xbox One X is just that good at scaling to the PC version.

If there was a Xbox One X settings target it would be apparent in the settings of the game.

There is none. There are tons of options increasing visual quality of the game on PC.
Turn10 are also unlocking the game on PC pass 60 FPS.

Turn10 talked about this at the reveal of the scorpio specs. They used the Forzatech ULTRA settings on PC as a base for Xbox One X

""The crazy story here is that we've gone over our PC ultra settings and for everything that's GPU-related, we've been able to max it - and that's what we're running at, 88 per cent," Turn 10's Chris Tector told Digital Foundry. "It's horrible but we can do it and we still have the power left over."

"This is rendering the player LOD for every car, so you won't see a single LOD pop. [It's the] top-level model you'd see in race, one below what you see in Autovista, the model you usually only see for the player. And then we balance out LODs across the scene. It's a disgusting abuse of GPU power is what it is, right?"

Dragonscale359d ago

'Da x is bringing the heat' and also the delusion lol.

ProjectVulcan359d ago

You seem to be extremely confused here. You think that Forza was built for PC, and that X1X is matching a high end PC. The correct statement is a mid range PC is matching Xbox One X.

Forza was built for console, this game engine was on console with Forza 5 an entire 2 and a half years before it was on PC. It was ported to PC. It was never a PC game. It's been a console game for over a decade and a Xbox One engine for over 2 years before it went near a PC.

The settings talked about were Forza 6 Apex settings, the experimental PC version of Forza 6, not Forza 7! They were just being used as a baseline. If they wanted to add higher quality to the PC version they could, but clearly they just decided to take it up the level of what Xbox One X was capable of and topped out there.

So again, a mid range PC is matching what Xbox One X is doing here like it is on Killer Instinct. There is a lot of headroom above this for high end PC but Turn 10 probably didn't want to take advantage of it so as to not shade the console version.

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359d ago
Obscure_Observer360d ago

Native 4K with locked 60fps on the X and native 1080p with locked 60fps on the X1. FLAWLESS!

I wonder how GT Sport will perform on both Pro and PS4

Bigpappy360d ago

Some will wonder why you mentioned GT. But that comparison is inevitable. But we already know GT on pro will NOT match what F7 achieves on the X. The question is now between GT on PS4 and Forza7 on X1X. 1080p60 with more cars and features to be, already put Forza in a good position

IRetrouk360d ago (Edited 360d ago )

Forza has more cars yes, but features? The online modes in gt are doing more than forza is, the only thing you can really say is about the campaign being different, but that actualy teaches you how to race properly, no other racing game has tried this yet, then we could talk about the concept cars etc that gt gets that forza doesnt, what about the race licence you can earn? But the most important thing in any racing game is physics, and gt licks forza everytime in that department, always has and probably always will, both series are fantastic but when it comes to pure racing gt is the gold standard still.

Apocalypse Shadow360d ago (Edited 360d ago )

To add to IR because he hit the nail right on the head. Everything Forza is trying to do, GT has already done it. Graphics, tons of cars to choose from, weather, amount of tracks. Been there, done that.

GT is now pushing for its next evolution which is international racing and manufacturer racing which garners permanent recognition and respect if they pull it off. With VR on the side for added realism. While Forza has been playing catch up, Polyphony turned down a different road to do something else.

Forza ticking the 4K/1080p/60fps has never helped it achieve dominance over GT because it goes for less realism as a simulator and more like a game casuals would enjoy.

Sales also reflect that it just isn't quite there yet. Good that Microsoft are putting effort into the only game franchise they didn't buy (every other franchise they bought from halo, gears, conker, etc), but graphics will only get you so far like a pretty woman with no personality.

Bigpappy360d ago (Edited 360d ago )

That was GT on the PS4 and froza7 on x1s .
I haven't played GT on PS4 or Forza7. But just from watching videos of but, Forza looks, sounds and performs better and that includes physics. Every preview I read also points to Forza 7 being better in all of those areas too.
Having said that, I do appreciate that many have played GT over the years and love it.

IRetrouk360d ago (Edited 360d ago )

Sorry but gt sport plays fantastic on the ps4, i can only imagine that the game proper has had even more optimization since the beta, forza had never had better physics than gt, ever, i play both series on a wheel too so maybe that helps in my case, this is not me putting forza down in anyway, gt has just always been more realistic, gt academy would actually back this argument up as well, gt makes real life race drivers from gamers, no other racing franchise can say that, all videos so far are compairing demo v beta are they not?? Wait for df breakdown when the full games are here, then we can really get a picture of base hardware versions (which i will be playing) but back to my point, its the driving that matters most, and gt has always bested other console sims, the creator is an actual racer, how many racing games can claim that?

LP-Eleven360d ago (Edited 360d ago )

I have read plenty of previews for both GT and Forza 7 - and hardly any of them compare the two games directly. I don't know if you're just mistaken, but that's not been the case in any of the key previews I've come across.That said, the comparison to GT doesn't have to be inevitable. People just like to make these comparisons a thing in discussions. I get it, but it's not required.

On the flip side, I LOVE what I've seen from Forza. Forza 6 Apex is still the best looking, released, racing title in my eyes (just etching out DRIVECLUB), and Forza 7 just might be ready to take the crown.

I'll wait for both it and Sport to release to make the final call.

Ju359d ago

GT has the better lighting. Dynamic weather and all is fine, lightning, too, but its more realistic in GT than it is in Forza, still. And there is the physics, which simply isn't great in FZ. Say what you will, it plays great, sure, because it is arcade compared to GT. Wear and tear, fuel economy (?), pit stops all that now finally in FZ?

Apocalypse Shadow359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

You're going to find out soon enough big pappy that those graphics are superficial. Forza also goes for loud sound in the cockpit that's unrealistic. GT has changed course and Forza is heading down a road following ghost exhaust.

Time will tell. 1080p/60fps didn't help the last Forza and 4K for a limited few who own 4K TVs will not help either. Microsoft is so reactionary to Sony's moves that it's leading them down the wrong road. We've seen it at launch, we've seen it with add-ons like Kinect and PSVR, we've seen it with games like tomb raider and uncharted and now we will watch and see if graphics in "true 4K" will somehow change anything.

TheUndertaker85359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

"Polyphony has recently started its own blog where it's addressing concerns of its community, including the quality of the sound within the series which Yamauchi admits isn't up to scratch. It's still in the plan to update the audio in Gran Turismo 6 - as Yamauchi revealed to Eurogamer last September - but the full overhaul won't come until Gran Turismo 7.

"I think the quality of the sounds in Gran Turismo 6 will be improved, but most of the work will be done in Gran Turismo 7," said Yamauchi."

"And when Gran Turismo 7 does come around, the standard car models that persist from 2004's Gran Turismo 4 will most likely feature.

"I doubt that we'll be throwing away the standard cars," said Yamauchi. "Each car has its own fans. So I think we'll hang on to the archive. In the meanwhile, some of those cars we may be able to make into Premium cars as they become available - but basically we're more focussed on increasing the number of premium cars.""

It's also rather amusing to watch individuals backing GT being "more realistic" while eliminating out features Forza has had in its difficulty sliders for some time. You want it arcade like? Turn down the sliders. You want more simulation? Turn them up along with assists off.

IRetrouk359d ago

Your using quotes from almost 4 years ago lol, probably didnt even have a final plan for gt sport yet, i dont really understand what your comment has to do with the discusion, there are no old models in gt sport, all content built from the ground up, gt is more realistic because it has better physics, nothing to do with difficulty settings, its a sim, not ment to be arcade at all so the slider point is mute aswell.

NeoGamer232359d ago

So you have played both games and done this assessment?

I would like to know what GT Racing has that Forza Motorsports doesn't. It should be very impressive considering the last GT release was in 2013. I would expect some massive innovations over Forza since PS4 Pro has been out an extra year over Scorpio and they have been developing the game for four years.

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Prince-Ali360d ago

i love how you Xbox fanboys sit there and scream to high heaven how Forza is this beastly game that you ALLL loveee! yet you guys dont even bloody support the damn game!!!! Forza motorsport on these current gen consoles! NO Forza has even outsold Gran Turismo 6 on PS3!! And before you Xbox fans try stating the generic "PS3 has sucha huge audience. blah blah blah" the simple truth is the game released 2 MONTHS AFTER THE PS4 LAUNCHED! Yet the game was still picked up by so many because people actually WANT the game instead of just sitting here on the internet and pretending like they want it so that they can defend their favourite companyyy loool.. .GO OUT THERE AND BLOODY SUPPORT THESE GAMES!!!!!! FORZA IS AN INCREDIBLE SERIES POINT BLANK PERIOD!!!

IRetrouk360d ago

I never bought 6 cause my ps3 broke and always assumed we would get a ps4 version😣

Prince-Ali356d ago

yeah same! i didn't even buy it and i've bought damn near every GT theres been thinking there'd be a PS4 port but that didn't slow down it's sales with the game selling over 6 million copies lool

IRetrouk356d ago

Well im ready this time, got the console and the collectors edition coming my way, wheel is next but will be after xmas, gotta buy stuff for my offspring 😂

Jide360d ago

I totally agree with you.

timotim360d ago

Not sure where this is coming from but Forza games are played by over 5 million people EVERY month. To me, that's support. FH3 is also this generation top selling racer thus far on PC and console...again this shows support.

When it comes down to it, Forza and GT are just different franchises with different ways if doing things. GT's of the past have released 2 games a generation...we are talking 2 games every 7-8 years! Compare that with Forza who historically ships 3 games in 6 years. And thats just Motorsport, not even counting Horizon. It's all in the approach.

With Microsoft now putting there games on PC as well, this opens up there racers to a whole new audience and FM7 will benefit from this tremendously.

Prince-Ali356d ago

im not comparing Forza and GT as if they're the same game, their goals and approach are completely different so id never assume or make it seem like they're the same thing... but their sales can be compared certainly...

Secondly which Forza has sold over 5 million players!!? show meee loool!!!???? no Forza has sold anywhere near 5 million units! let alone above and beyond that to have 5 million different people every month!?

Enjoigamin360d ago

It will all be okay Prince just breathe buddy

Prince-Ali356d ago

im not stressed bro... im just calling it how i see it, if people have a response im ready and willing to hear it...?

timotim356d ago

Interesting. So first thing we have to do is work on your comprehension skills. Lets go back to my quoted line...

"Not sure where this is coming from but Forza games are played by over 5 million people EVERY month."

Where in any part of that line can you find that I say or even suggest that any one single Forza game sold 5 million? I used the word PLAY, and I'm referring to ALL forza's combined. Correct me if I'm wrong here, but your post dealt with support right, not necessarily sales? Over 5 million gamers play forza titles across console and PC EVERY is not one of the things this series lacks as its community is very vibrant across the board, both Motorsport and Horizon. Again, if you're talking strictly sales then Horizon is the highest selling racer of this generation. Both these things speak to the overall support I felt you were suggesting.

Of course sales can be compared. I didn't take your original post as a sales comparison which is why I didn't do it, but sure, they can. However, if sales are being compared, You must compare with what is and has been done so far this generation. Ya see, Sony has yet to release a GT title this generation while Microsoft has released 4 Forza titles with a 5th coming in 2 days. In terms of sales this generation, GT has ZERO, while Microsoft has millions in sales. GT may or may not outsell any individual forza game, but that's not really saying much because remember, they both have different approaches to development. We are 4 years deep in this generation and in 2 days MS will release its 3 Motorsport title of the generation. Polyphony CHOOSES to wait 4 years for a new release. Because of this, GT Sport has 3 FM titles to contend with in sales for the same allotted time spand. We will see what GT Sport does after not releasing a GT title in over 4 years...sure, the anticipation should be pretty darn high, but then again, Sport isn't a typical GT game and focuses on E-Sports and is online only so that may deter some gamers.

Lastly, to answer your question, FM3 sold OVER 5 million copies and FM4 sold over 4.5 million...both of which either exceeded or came close to 5 million which is what you asked for proof of.

Like I said, with over 5 million gamers PLAYING the Forza titles EVERY MONTH and Forza Horizon 3 being this generations HIGHEST SELLING RACER, I think its safe to say that the games do in fact get supported by not only Microsoft but gamers alike.

Prince-Ali355d ago

where are you even getting this 5 million players every month from please show me because ive googled and not found anything on it!? the ONLY number we get is 3 million every month and that's from Turn 10 themselves so you're either making a mistake or intentionally lying to serve your own purpose.
Secondly this whole discussion ive been disussing the current gen Forza games aka 5 & 6 in the motorsport series and Horizon 2 & 3 respectively... With these 4 games none of them have sold 5 mil or even come close to selling over it... Also getting back to that over 3 million users point.. that includes ALLLLLL Forza's motorsport or Horizon across both Xbox One and Xbox 360 and although 3 million is still a somewhat respectable number that doesn't help the games sales when a new iteration comes out.

timotim355d ago

Are you serious? I mean its not like I didn't provide you with a link...did you even read it? This is a quote in the link coming straight from Microsoft/Turn10's own Dan Greenawalt.

“It’s great to hear all kinds of feedback from fans and critics alike. Of course, we love hearing the nice things that fans have to say, but we listen to everyone. After all, more than 5 million players per month play Forza 0;games and that means we have a huge community of passionate fans who are loud and proud about what they love about Forza and what they think should be improved. I believe there’s something we can learn from every Forza fan to make all of our games better.”

So again, I'm questioning your comprehension skills.

Now, on to sales. And I quote "Secondly which Forza has sold over 5 million players!!? show meee loool!!!???? no Forza has sold anywhere near 5 million units!" Notice you said NO FORZA has sold that yeah, say what you mean and mean what you say.

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