Has Xbox Become the “Why” Box?

Michael at Skewed and Reviewed has posted a detailed opinion piece which looks at the history of the Xbox and questions if the company has and is making the best choices and if they are still being reactionary instead of focusing on more important matters.

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PhoenixUp241d ago

One of Microsoft's biggest issues is their current first party situation. Both of their biggest flagship series Halo and Gears of War don't carry as much weight as they used to. Both franchises' latest installments were the least critically acclaimed and lowest selling mainline installments in their respective series.

When you add that with Microsoft's apparent lack of ability to create a new flagship franchise this generation that could stand next to those previous juggernauts then you have a bad combination.

Except for Forza, Microsoft's past franchises aren't as strong as they used to be and they can't gain new heavy hitter franchises, meaning the Xbox brand will have a tougher time trying to keep sales up YOY and convince more people to buy it over the competition. This

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notachance241d ago

They really need SP games to push sales on new regions,
I mean, who would want to friggin play Halo with stranger across the sea?? not to mention the latency and language differences. We can give a rat's ass about how good an MP game is if there's no friend to play with.

And if they kept doing things like this when console gaming starting to becomes big on new, heavily populated regions? Time to say goodbye.

Garethvk241d ago

That has always been my issue. I was asked by a rep for MS why I was not more excited about the Xbox One pre-release and then a year or so after release. I told them the same thing, I am all about AAA exclusives for a console. I play on a PC and for consoles I need AAA exclusives. I told them I do not care about Halo, Forza, or Gears of War enough to make them a reason to buy a console. I do not like all of the Sony AAA titles but they give me a steady variety and have franchises I like and create new and interesting ones all the time. I am still waiting for a new AAA exclusive on the Xbox that has made me say, oh I need to buy that system.

WePlayDirty241d ago

I was waiting for Scalebound to do that for me. It's seriously a shame that it never came.

rainslacker240d ago (Edited 240d ago )

MS showed so much promise at the start of this gen. While I wasn't into all their offerings, at least it looked like they were trying, and they had a few in there which were intriguing, and some I actually wanted.

Since QB though, I feel they not only dropped the ball, but ran over it with a steam roller and didn't look back.

I feel they know this problem and perception exists, because Phil and Greenburg aren't opposed to pandering and spreading their PR around about how they got all this great stuff coming at some indeterminate time sometime in the future....maybe....with no actual way to even know if it's something worth getting excited for. If they were killing it up to a certain point, then just had a lull, then sure, I could get excited, but since they haven't killed it, it's hard to think they really have something that will excite me coming in the next 2-3 years.

Then when it comes to the 2-3 year thing, that should be doubly insulting to any rational person, because it means MS didn't do anything for so long to allow themselves to have such a long lull between this year and the next two years. Change in regime can't really explain that away, because the games making process should be ongoing, and planned out for several years. Even with a break, it shouldn't be 2-3 years.

MS saying they want to wait until closer to release doesn't mean much unless they have enough to fill the void between what they have, and what they have coming. Even waiting for release, it still means they have this huge lull near the middle of the gen, and that is completely unacceptable given today's expectations of console makers.

letsa_go240d ago (Edited 240d ago )

Not going to happen, since all their exclusives are going to be Play people like me and you with a gaming PC have no need to get an xbox. Only reasons I still want an XBox One is to play my digital copy of Sunset Overdrive that I never finished, Rare Replay, Halo 5/MCC, and backwards compatibility. I think I can play everything else on PC or another console.

Godmars290240d ago

its not about "flagship" franchises, but rather an ongoing list of associated IPs that identify your brand. Where Playstation has had a near endless progression of titles through various console generations to define it, what has the Xbox had aside from Halo, Gears?

TFJWM240d ago

Forza and Fable(RIP)...

B1uBurneR240d ago

It will be the Red Dead Redemption 2, to go to box for me.

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WePlayDirty241d ago

I agree with the article.

Xbox and Xbox360 could arguably be said to be more 'powerful' than Playstation 2 and 3. but the thing that set these consoles apart were the games. Don't get me wrong, Xbox had their 'exclusive' games for the time being... but those eventually went over to Playstation.. (Dead Rising and Mass Effect to name a couple). In the end Playstation 2 and 3 outsold its competitor and had a bigger presence in the market because of the quality, and quantity of exclusives on the respective platforms.

For PS4 in 2018 there's Kni No Kuni 2, God of War, Days Gone, Spiderman, Left Alive, Dissida Final Fantasy NT, Detroit Become Human and Shadow of the Colossus remake. There's probably more but you get the idea. There is no lack of exclusives for the system.

For Xbox.. There's Sea of Thieves, State of Decay 2, Crackdown 3, and Forza Horizon..4.

People instinctively know what console is about games, and which one isn't.

Garethvk241d ago

Very well said. And while it is a smaller market and MS does have devices they are testing, PSVR has had some good stuff and more coming. At PAX West we played Bravo Team and saw the new Until Dawn Prequel as well as some other PSVR games. Arcangel is out now from a third party and it is fun, and Bridge Commander is solid as well and allows cross play with Oculus and Vive.

notachance240d ago

for all that talks about how MS only showed games near their release there's sure a lot of delayed XB games for next year

They still have to wait until E3 to even have another new IP announcement,
and that's only the announcement, what are the chances a completely new IP will be released in the same year as the reveal?
that means half of next year's XB exclusives will be filled with delayed games, lol eat some crow.

MrSwankSinatra240d ago

Xbox 360 wasn't more powerful than PS3, this is a known fact lolol.

OoglyBoogly240d ago

Really depends. They both had their strengths and weaknesses.

For one the Xbox had a unified memory architecture so games could use nearly all of the systems 512MB of RAM. It also was the first console (and first GPU released to the public) to feature unified shader cores. The built is GPU cache was a nice touch as well. So the GPU itself, in nearly every right as far as I know, was more superior.

The PS3 on the other hand had a WAY more powerful CPU. More recent benchmarks from Ubisoft a couple years ago pegged the Cell processor in the PS3 as being more powerful than the PS4's processor and something like 3x faster than the 360's triple-core CPU.

But then again this CPU was more difficult to program and that mixed with the slower GPU is what made multi-platform games usually look and run worse than their 360 versions.

This also explains why 1st party studios that could really use and optimize the PS3 could make gorgeous games like Uncharted 3, The Last of Us, Beyond Two Souls, etc.

So...yes and no.

343_Guilty_Spark241d ago

For me it’s a “I can’t wait” box.

Plenty of enhanced titles either haven’t finished or never played because of kids and work.

Couple of new games like a Cuphead, SLT, SOT, and PUBG. Probably pick up forza 7.

Plus I have a 4k tv so playing 3rd parties in native 2160p is a plus.

I feel like y’all exaggerate.

Is the lineup better than PS4? Overall probably not but that’s why I have a PS4.

Garethvk241d ago

I am curious as to how much appeal enhanced titles will have. We got a PS4 Pro for upstairs as we use the Sony card and had enough points to get one and only pay tax. So while I install many of our new PS4 games on it, I have left the PSVR on the regular PS4 downstairs and have not really gone back to look at older games to see how they have been enhanced. My focus has been on the new games and moving forward.

343_Guilty_Spark240d ago (Edited 240d ago )

People are still playing games like Witcher 3, or FFIX, or other enhanced ports.

Everybody doesn’t have time or money to complete the dozens of new games that release every month.

Why do you think so many people have back catalogs?

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SpaceRanger240d ago

“For me it’s a “I can’t wait” box.“

I think you mean the “I CAN wait” box. It’s been about a year and a half and you’re still waiting.

OoglyBoogly240d ago

Be longer still waiting for the games to eventually maybe come out at some point in the not too distant far away future...unless they get cancelled.

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