‘Pokémon Gold and Silver’ Remain the Greatest Pokémon Games

Pokémon Gold and Silver remain the greatest Pokémon games made to this day.

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DigitalRaptor366d ago

The ones I never played either.

Looks like that will be changing very soon!

MaxiPower90366d ago

Easily the best ones. No comparison. Tho the DS remakes are vastly superior. Don't want to spoil anything but they vastly make the experience of the second half of the game better...

link2Dpast366d ago

Definitely get on that. Blue and red get hyped because then being the first to come out and then the anime but good and sliver perfected everything in terms of the game as a whole

TheHan366d ago

Gold is by far my favorite.

Mr_Writer85366d ago

The first and only actual Pokemon sequel that built on everything the original game did.

Every other Pokemon game since has just been a reboot really, kept the very basics changed everything else, and added a few gimmicks.

G&S the only games that added greatly and took nothing away, they even had the original map as end game content FFS.

link2Dpast366d ago

No statement has been truer. Many reasons why this set is above the other but one that has always stuck out to me is the legendarys. These days legendary pokemon come in droves but back then they were what the name emphasized, legendary. 1-4 and no more, made the experience whole lot more exciting, now it's just like w.e I'll eventually get one and there's so many that it doesn't feel special.

Cyro366d ago

There are more than 4 legendary Pokemon in Gold/Silver. I haven't played in a while but I'm also pretty sure it forces you to face Ho‑Oh/Lugia so it always felt like "yeah I'll get a legendary eventually".

Movefasta1993366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

It doesn't force you to fight Lugia at all in gold ,they just let you know that there's a legend of a Pokemon living in the sea or something

Cyro366d ago

Ok not forced but it's not like it was a surprise to get a legendary as it wasn't a random encounter.

TejasTV366d ago

I would buy a 3DS just for this game

*boots up emulator and rom.

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