Metal Gear Survive Is More Fun Than I Expected - Game Informer

GI: "Not knowing what to think, we venture into a world overrun with zombies and try to stay alive."

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PhoenixUp55d ago

Is it better than Metal Gear Acid

mgszelda155d ago

This game would probably be better on acid

Nyxus55d ago

Isn't that what the developers were using when they came up with the story?

_-EDMIX-_54d ago

Probably not

Metal Gear acid was a great card game that game is so underrated it's not even funny.

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akaFullMetal55d ago

Game is probably pretty good but for some reason they called it a metal gear game. I think the stigma with Konami and all the drama with mgs5 is going hurt this game.

LordJamar55d ago

Maybe to blind haters yeah but i didnt jump on A band wagon i waited to see what would happen

Godmars29055d ago

They called a zombie survival title Metal Gear in hope to draw interest.

generic-user-name55d ago

Can we all be real here? MGSV included enemies that pretty much behaved like zombies. MGS4 also had soldiers 'overcome with emotion' who behaved like zombies.

Also this is a non canon mode and not full price. It's like complaining about Undead Nightmare having zombies because RDR didn't have them in the main game or the Zombies mode of COD.

zuul901855d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Exactly! Kojima just explains everything with "nano bots" which is fine. But what they were was zombies (seriously their behavior was that of a zombie)

Maybe these zombies have nano bots too idk. But i dont pretend that all MGS makes sense, i just enjoy the game.

I really like the read dead comparison, thats a great example.

To me it just seems like Halo, Gears, or Mass Effect. So its different people who cares? I only care if the games good. You could call it "my fart" IDC.

Anyways hope this and kojimas games are good, cause more good games is always great.

Godmars29054d ago

Really don't see your point since MGS5 was called out for having zombies in it for it's last chapter. As for MGS4 though a sub-theme, don't remember actually fighting zombie soldiers.

Those creepy three armed balls though...

generic-user-name54d ago

So how is this different from RDR and Undead Nightmare?

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_-EDMIX-_54d ago

I agree but I think the development team missing in general is going to hurt this game.

JonnS55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

So it's a buy day one then , very cool can't wait .

gangsta_red55d ago

Will definitely give it a shot when it comes out.

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