What next for the Switch?

The first 6 months for the Switch have now passed us. It's time to look to the future for the Switch. On a good run with announced games, but in terms of the system, what tweaks can be made to improve?

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wonderfulmonkeyman325d ago

My list for improvements:

- In-system chat during online multiplayer games. No more of this phoney malarky. [pun intended]
- An in-system messaging system. Preferably with block and report options if things go south.
- Some actual damned MUSIC for the main menu.
- Themes. 3DS has them. Switch has basic black and basic white. Time to get some themes going on up in here. Preferably with their own music too.
Heck, just port over the 3DS theme shop to Switch, and that would be an excellent start for an opening gambit. Maybe even with the first three or so themes you choose for free, as an opening offer.
- Get rid of Friend Codes and go back to using NNID's. This should never have been reverted after the Wii U.
- A Miiverse replacement. I know not everyone used it and social media was used way more often and still is, but having our own private community to share jokes, pics, tips and general good moments would be a HUGE blessing for those that want it.
And with Mario Odyssey and Zelda both offering screenshot abilities, it only seems natural to have a system-connected place for them to go to, so everyone can have a look, even if they aren't connected to each other via other social media.
- ANNOUNCE THE VIRTUAL CONSOLE ALREADY. Preferably with the annoucement of Gamecube titles.

FallenAngel1984325d ago

- Release Virtual Console.
- Release a competent online service worth subscribing to.
- Release a bundled in dock with a built-in Ethernet port.
- Release a $300 bundle with a game included.
- Release a new SKU of NS with larger internal storage later on.
- Release a new SKU with better battery life.
- Enable more multimedia apps.
- Enable party chat.
- Enable more community features.
- Enable livestreaming.
- Enable cloud saving.
- Better digital discounts on eShop.
- Introduce monthly flash sales to eShop.
- Allow save files to be transferable to an SD card.

Yohshida325d ago

Needs more Apps and functions overall, it does nothing besides playing games. Watching Youtube on the go without getting a second device out would be nice. Also great for kids in the car to watch a movie.

Cyro324d ago

I'd probably use my Switch a lot more if it had apps like Twitch, YouTube, Netflix, and a web browser. I don't have a tablet and the screen is bigger than my phone so I would love to do all that on my Switch.