Games Releasing in the Month of October

List of all the games that are releasing in the month of October so that you can decide what to purchase

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winter_hill302d ago

I'm looking forward to seeing how Elex turns out. It's from the makers of the Risen series. Their games are pretty buggy, and they tend to get average reviews but I still enjoy them. I'd love to see Risen 4.

bumbleforce302d ago

wow good month no matter what gaming genera you like. Shadow of war for me.

cataclysms302d ago

That road redemption inspired by roar rash might be interesting

addy7302d ago

Daaam, I'm not leaving the house in Oct

The_Jackel302d ago

Games ill be getting this month
Forza 7 - PC (and before anyone has a hissy fit due to me getting it on pc. My steering wheel is ps4/pc no point only being able to play it with a controller if i did get it one xbox
Middle-earth: Shadow of War (was going to not sure about it now its a maybe for me)
Age of Empires Definitive Edition - PC
The Evil Within 2 - PC or PS4 (prob ps4 due to first one i have on ps4)
Gran Turismo Sport (PC, PS4) < lol they did it wrong. - Ps4
Road Rage - PC or ps4
Super Mario Odyssey - switch
Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus -ps4
Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back - ps4

I still think a fair few games are missing from the list wrc7 out as well raid -wwii
Although already released digitally friday the 13th physical is also out in oct
But a great month of gaming coming up

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