Final Fantasy XV "Comrades" Multiplayer Expansion Gets New Gameplay Showing King Behemoth Battle

Square Enix shows off a new quest of Final Fantasy XV's multiplayer expansion "Comrades," and this time around it's a battle against a King Behemoth.

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phoenixwing449d ago

this looks horrible to me. I hope the next mainline final fantasy doesn't focus too much on multiplayer and forget the single player along with story is what made them loved in the first place.

Abriael449d ago

Looks great to me. What doesn't evolve withers.

phoenixwing449d ago

Single player and story are things that are timeless

Abriael449d ago

And the great thing is that FFXV has both in spades.

Lennoxb63449d ago

"Single player and story are things that are timeless"

You do know that multiplayer games are older than single player games right?

Summons75448d ago

You are seriously kidding, right? I mean, did you completely miss the full 60-hour game that came out last year and the so far 2 story DLC's that have released since then...

This DLC was hardly their focus until way after the development for XV was done.

meka2611446d ago

Played the alpha of this and it's just pitiful. It just seems like a tacked on mode, which it is, but it really shows. They would have been better just adding co op to the main game and other users play as the other characters, this is just dumb to me.