Attack on Titan 2 platforms announced

Koei Tecmo announced the platforms it will be supporting for the new Attack on Titan game.

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DJK1NG_Gaming301d ago (Edited 301d ago )

Now ain't that hilarious.
NDA was placed on the Switch version.
Well Switch version for me.
Even though I have the Spike Chunsoft's Attack on Titan on 3DS and didn't get the KOEI Tecmo one. Will get this one instead for Switch.

Septic300d ago

Hehe nice. Switch haters put in their place (AGAIN!)

gangsta_red300d ago

Interesting link...I see a certain someone again having a nice plate of crow.

Nivekki299d ago

Would you look at that, Edmix was wrong, yet again.

Istolla300d ago

Oh man EDMIX is having a bad month. Lol.

light69300d ago

Lmfao I had to log in to up this and reply to it 😂 I have notice his absence in certain articles like this lol

ZeekQuattro300d ago

Well now that you pointed that out he has been absent lately. Must be crying himself to sleep lately. lmao

gangsta_red299d ago

I wonder what other games aren't coming to the Switch that Edstadomix has predicted.

Neonridr299d ago

I keep asking him.. right now he seems to be hung up on some Wii U franchises that haven't made it to Switch yet (Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect). But ignores the fact that other devs like Bethesda and Rockstar are jumping on board. I mean it's not like Activision, Ubisoft and EA aren't making games for the Switch, so there's always time to see as the install base grows which franchises they decide to port over.

mkis007300d ago

Interesting it's passing up xb1 when the first one released on it.

Sm00thNinja300d ago

Not interesting no one bought it lol

_-EDMIX-_300d ago

Well it probably didn't sell well enough to warrant them continuing to release it on that system.

This is a more Japanese game so them releasing it on Vita, Switch, PlayStation 4 etc make sense

I also don't think it's because it can't work on Xbox one because this looks like the base version is on the Vita as at even releasing on the switch which is showing it's probably made on the Vita and then ported to the other platforms.

Makes sense. So I would say the sales are the only reason to skip the Xbox One, which I feel it's Justified if the community is not buying the game.

I mean look at what happened with the Wii U Assassin's Creed Watch Dogs Call of Duty Mass Effect and many other games didnt selling well so they decided to not release anything on the Switch in terms of those series, so don't look at it as them picking on the Xbox one as much as them simply making an educated business decision

They can't keep pouring money into a community that is not buying some of these series they must move on.

Neonridr299d ago

but those devs you mentioned are still releasing software on the Switch, it's not like they have abandoned the hardware altogether. The possibility of those titles appearing is still there in the future. If anything the Switch is getting more developers on board since Rockstar and Bethesda are newcomers to the Nintendo party.

_-EDMIX-_299d ago (Edited 299d ago )

@Neo- "in terms of those series"

You might actually want to read the entire post first..

Who said they were not releasing anything on the switch? Who said they abandoned the hardware?

The switch might be getting developers but they're also losing developers as well because there are many teams that are not making games for the Nintendo switch that made games for the Nintendo Wii U like the teams that made Mass Effect Deus Ex Assassin's Creed what have you.

From what I'm seeing there are some that are trying their hand at making content for Nintendo but there's just as much that I've decided they were not putting specific series or certain teams on this system.

You can't ignore the people that are leaving the system in terms of specific development teams in series.

Nowhere in my argument that I ever say that the series listed meant that the entire publisher was abandoning the hardware...

In fact I go out of my way to specifically state in regards to those "series" to not have that misconstrued

I have no clue how you basically made up your own version of what was being stated in English. Although I believe there's always a possibility for anything to happen I believe there's a good reason why you're not seeing those series on those platforms in a lot of it has to do with their performance was just way too different than the other platforms which likely means the install base basically primarily exists on other platforms, there's only so many times you could try to make Call of Duty sell to 100 million people that only 2 million of which want to buy.

If they had to struggle with 100 million people it's very likely they understand there is no room for that market which is probably why the switch is not getting Call of Duty Assassin's Creed Mass Effect 2 Deus Ex and many other series because they tried on the Wii and wii u with some of those titles and realized that it's just not a market that response to those games.

Historically being a newcomer to Nintendo could be your first and last time developing on a Nintendo system as they seem to have one of the highest turnover rates in regards to developers moving on than any other game company I've ever seen. Assassin's Creed and Mass Effect were newcomers to Nintendo and look how long that lasted. Like I said in my original post they cannot keep pouring money into community that doesn't by their content.

Sales will determine future support.

spencergreif300d ago

Xbox is just being skipped for the Japanese release for the games, it was confirmed for the West on Xbox One

_-EDMIX-_299d ago

Was it really? Well turns out the first one must have did pretty good enough for them to bring the second one.

_-EDMIX-_300d ago (Edited 300d ago )

Nice, this is coming to the Vita! Looks like they went for a very low demanding game again.

PS4 for me though. I wonder when they will make a full current-gen version?

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