Final Fantasy XV Will Receive More Content in 2018

Final Fantasy XV's road trip won't end with Episode Ignis in 2017, but will continue in 2018 with more content developed for the main game.

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PhoenixUp366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

Yeah more bang for my buck

Edit: Seriously why dafuq is Cindy in the thumbnail for a FFXV article again? Don't you journalists have variety?

SarcasticDuck366d ago

At this point, I would prefer the thumbnails to be a zoom in on Gladiolus abs!

Pantz366d ago

Cuz she's the best part of that game?

Crakface366d ago

Add more goddamn spells, bosses, enemies and summons to this stupid ass game jesus christ. They're neglecting the most basic things.

gangsta_red366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

AGREEEED! Even though I'm pretty much done with this game, those few details would be nice to see.

Michiel1989365d ago

They should do a full gameplay overhaul while they are at it.
In ff XV the story is alright i guess, graphics are great, world is great BUT GOD THE GAMEPLAY IS EVEN MORE SPAMMY THAN GOD OF WAR 1!

thatguyhayat366d ago

I think they need to just stop entirely and move on. It did not live up to my hype. The version i wanted was Namuras. Even still this game is still incomplete. Learn your lesson from this with your next game. At least we got kingdom hearts to look forward too and the end of organisation 13 shenanigans.

_-EDMIX-_365d ago

Who is "they"? The people that are working on this DLC likely have nothing to do with Final Fantasy XVI in fact I'd argue that another team might have already started Final Fantasy XVI development years ago....

In fact the people who made Final Fantasy 15 likely already moved on to work on that project in the people working on the DLC is probably like less than 10 people who actually only work on physical content in the first place, which actually means if Final Fantasy XVI is still in concept the phase where they're still designing specific assets that actually means that some of those members are not even needed yet.



So I don't know what you mean by moving on especially considering this downloadable content selling well means Square Enix gets more money which means they have more money to put into the development of Final Fantasy 16

I mean did you just assume that one person worked on Final Fantasy 15? 😂😂😂

I don't even understand why complain about a game being incomplete then also getting mad that they're still adding free content for consumers? 😂😂😂

So you're complaining that the game's not complete but you're also complaining that a team is working on the game and not moving on?

I personally don't care about any of the downloadable content that they make because I know it actually has nothing to do with Final Fantasy 16.

I'm not entirely sure why you would need a programmer if you have writers and artists in a room thinking about the concept of an idea so exactly what is he supposed to program? The air?

Yohshida366d ago

Gotta wait for that complete edition than

thepatientgamer366d ago

You shall be waiting a long time, friend

Yohshida366d ago

Thats the price I guess :D

Steveoreno1366d ago

Don't bother. Game pales in comparison to previous final fantasy. Except 13, that was worse then this.

Yohshida366d ago

Never really got into any FF to be honest, started a few but couldnt finish them. Recently retried FF7, might finish it soon tho

thepatientgamer365d ago

I disagree, FFXV was a ton of fun, and its story was well done until they chose to skip right to the end (I still can't believe they didn't delay it or something, one of the best examples of poor writing). Personally, I believe all the flack FFXV gets is due to its botched narrative and not the gameplay (alright the magic). However, it was still good enough that the ending still hit me a little bit. The problem here is what could have been vs. what we got. Hopefully, by the time they're done *ahem* finishing the game with all the updates, the game will fulfill its potential. And personally, I like all the extra media/lore building around the game. I just wish FFXV also held onto a little more of the gravitas that existed within Kingsglaive. You never really get the sense that this is an all out war throughout the game.

_-EDMIX-_366d ago

To be honest with you I don't even think it makes sense to wait for the complete version.

I mean I beat the game and I don't care about any of the DLC that's coming out I mean you literally might be waiting for Content that may not even be that good lol

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