Is Fortnite Battle Royale Overstepping Boundaries?

With the recent announcement of Fortnite Battle Royale launching next week, well ahead of its direct rival, we look at the ramifications this could have on similar games, and the industry.

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escott013330d ago

Yes.... desperate sellout developers. So pathetic. Everybody trying to get a slice of the pie.

Goldby329d ago

care to explain why Pubg isn't goign after the Culling? or H1Z1 king of the hill?

or is it just because Fortnite is their only competition? and the fact its free to play which will most likely take alot of sales away from it on Xbox?

ONESHOTV2329d ago

Because the same person who made the mod on arma is the same person that is responsible for all the other battle royal game modes

darthv72329d ago

Before there was unreal tournament there was quake 3 arena. One begets the other and so on.

DaMist329d ago

Yes, playerunknown did work on the Arma mod and H1Z1, but he didn't own any or the design or genre, if anything what bluehole studio is accusing Epic of doing is what he did. he took the concept and gameplay of H1Z1 and made it into PUBG, so why are they being so hypocritical about it? why didn't they go after GTA V when they introduced a battle royale genre? should the creators of the Battle Royale book go after the hunger gam,es creator and PUBG as well?

SilverDemon329d ago (Edited 329d ago )

No. Bluehole got way too comfortable with PUBG even so that they added MT when they promised they will only add them after the game officially launchs
We NEED a competition to PUBG so bluehole get off their fat asses and use all the money to make a better game

Competition is GOOD for us and having one dev controlling a genre is BAD for us (just look at cod)

With all the success PUBG had I expect more contents,maps,weapons etc. But instead we got even less than what we original had. Parts on the game were ripped from it to be resold to us as loot crate.

Cuzzo63329d ago

Or the fact that they licensed a game engine which also gives Epic the right to use their game in any way they see fit for promotional use or however they see fit. Im sure they didnt read the fine print

Cuzzo63329d ago

their agreement to use the game engine gives Epic the right to use any game created on their engine for marketing purposes for anything Epic does, or with any of their affiliates or partners. This is explicitly laid out in the license agreement, even the free version.

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NovusTerminus330d ago

No more then two games sharing a CTF mode.

PUBG is basically DayZ, H1Z1, and a few other games. It may be the biggest game o it's type, but ultimately you cannot copyright a game mode.

Tsuru329d ago

They never said they are copyrighting a game mode. They have no problems with competition. The problem is that Epic games is not making a unique battle royale game, its basically a copy.

Goldby329d ago

no its actually because epic states that they help out any indie pendant company with delivering their game to its fullness, and are now seen as taking an idea from the independent developer and using it in their own, thus taking away some support from Pubg to instead promote their own. they are also worried that any new features or improvements made to the unreal engine in terms of battle royal games (100 simultaneous players) might have priority for their own games before going to the 3rd parties.

Vegamyster329d ago

PUBG doesn't have destructible houses, crafting materials & construction options for building, jump pads, traps, making a bridge across a chasm or a lake fortress ect, calling it a copy is disingenuous.

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DaMist329d ago

But Fortnite isnt a carbon copy of PUBG, there are no vehicles, you can't aim down sights, the scavenging and building mechanic alone adds something unique and different from PUBG, along with the level of destructibility.

ocelot07329d ago

O right a copy you say. So if I load up PUBG right now I can craft a wall on the fly to take cover yer?

Thought not.

thehitman1398329d ago

So you can construct and destroy buildings in pubg??? Didn't think so. Get off your high horse. And pubg copied from a lot of other games. Should H1Z1 go after pubg then?? And don't give me this crap about he worked on H1Z1. Cuz SO did a bunch of other ppl. It wasn't just him

rainslacker329d ago

Epic's responsibility to developers is to provide an engine that allows them to deliver their games, and provide all support as neccesarry to do so.

It isn't to never compete with those same developers, and Epic never promised that they would not use similar game modes or take good ideas and make their own content from it.

Liqu1d328d ago

A copy of Pubg? No it isn't.

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Kiknyonutz329d ago

Fortnite does copy a lot from PUBG (who's copied from H1Z1 and Arma), but they're adding a major mechanic that isn't in PUBG... base building. I haven't had the time to make much of anything playing solo but there's enough of a spin with that alone to differentiate between the two as being their own games. If PUBG wants to complain, they need to call out The Culling and GTA for similar modes. That or quit being coy about it coming to the PS4 and hurry up.

Tsuru329d ago

Playerunknown is the one who worked with H1Z1 and was the original maker of the battle royale mod for ArmA 3. So hes really only copying himself.

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neocores8055329d ago

How can people sit here and say EPIC is not making something unique? This is is fun as hell... Building a base holding it up with a squad.. I find this much more fun the PUBG... Pub just need to stop getting big headed. I stop playing reason why no hard core ranking system.. No LvLing system.. I also think H1z1 is better to

TankCrossing329d ago (Edited 329d ago )

I was wondering if Fortnite is good. That's much more significant than where they pinched ideas from.

How's the store/monetisation?

Goldby329d ago

its better now than when it first came out, unfortunately, once you've played the battle royal version,. something will feel "off" with the normal game, from the movement speed and limited storage, at least from my own experience.

im enjoying the battle royal mode more than the normal mode

Magic_Spatula329d ago

Yeah, too bad team play isn't allowed in the mode though. It even states that team play is a bannable offense.

DaMist329d ago

just in solo mode, squads is coming in 3 days

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