Can't Find A Next-Gen Console? The Wii / PS3 Seeker Can Help

The search for a new, high-in-demand game console is tiring. Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to find out which stores had Wii or PS3 in stock? Finally our gaming wish has come true:

Wii Seeker –
PS3 Seeker –

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MicroGamer4312d ago

Who needs help finding a PS3??

True Gamer4312d ago

must you be such a fanboy?

CyberSentinel4312d ago (Edited 4312d ago )

...and make ALOT of money off them. Lol.

Burekman4312d ago

You fanboys are so predictable.

The moment I saw the title I already knew what the first comment will be like.

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TheMART4312d ago

PS3's are laying all around, nobody seems to pick it up, even in their own backyard, Japan they are everywhere.

Even with only 1 million units shipped in 2006 more then enough supply in shops, originally said first 6 million, then 4 million, then 2 million in 2006... Fanboys may be happy Sony didn't succeed to get those number of units out, because there would be ever larger piles of PS3 boxes

The Wii is another story. That one sells and often is sold out. Nice job Nintendo, although it's just a supercharged Gamecube

eclipsegryph4311d ago

I don't really understand the "fanboy" remarks here. It's a sad fact that people really shouldn't need any help finding PS3s right now. That doesn't make it a fanboy remark, it makes it the truth.

True Gamer4311d ago

is look at his past posts to know that MicroGamer is an MS fanboy.

MicroGamer4311d ago (Edited 4311d ago )

I wasn't an MS fanboy until I bought my 360 at the end of November. Last generation I had a PS2 as my main box with a XBox as my secondary . I had about 10 games total for XBox and hundreds of PS2 and PS1 games.(I had more games for my DC than my XBox). I was looking forward to PS3 before the price was announced and all the other crap that followed. The laser in my PS2 going glitchy from playing too many movies pissed me off, too, and I'm not dropping $600 on a machine that is going to be broken a year or two from now because of Blu Ray movies. I play all mymovies in a $200 player that if it breaks, I can go get another one for less than it would cost me to send my 360 in for service. I also haven't been a Nintendo fan since the NES, but now I have a Wii. Sony has too much going wrong for it to take them seriously this generation. Wii60 FTW!!!

TheBeginningOfTheEnd4311d ago

the 'fanboys' are correct. at my local bestbuy there are like 15 ps3 and more in stock... you dont need help finding a ps3

MySwordIsHeavenly4311d ago

But my Gamestop had 3 wii's in stock today for around 5 hours...

Of course, they have PS3's too, but the wii's aren't selling as fast as they were.

The PS3 will start selling like HARDCORE when HS, MS, and LAIR come out...

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