PUBG Developer Bluehole Should Chill Out About Fortnite: Battle Royale

Epic Games' Fortnite is getting a free Battle Royale mode next week, and PUBG developer Bluehole isn't too happy about it. However, it shouldn't come as a surprise. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has been a smash hit on Steam with over 10 million units sold, so there was bound to be copycats. So what gives?

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mkis007300d ago

I don't get why a mode elicits this response. I didn't know you could trademark or patent a gamemode.

WeAreLegion300d ago

They were upset that their game was used to market Fortnite. I think it's ridiculous, either way, but I thought you should know the real reason for the legal action.

rainslacker300d ago (Edited 300d ago )

Except their agreement to use the game engine gives Epic the right to use any game created on their engine for marketing purposes for anything Epic does, or with any of their affiliates or partners. This is explicitly laid out in the license agreement, even the free version.

Bluehole can be upset all they want, but they agreed to this when they licensed the engine....just like every other dev does.

There may be moral or ethical implications worth discussing, but nothing on the legal side. And I'd also say that those moral and ethical implications here probably aren't as dire as this developer is making them out to be. Epic gets plenty of attention, so it's basically free advertising, and Epic isn't generally irresponsible with how they handle that kind of content from it's licensee's.

WeAreLegion300d ago (Edited 300d ago )

Yes, that's correct. Everything you said is correct. I was trying to give context, however. And people downvoted me. Which is to be expected from this site. Y'all are getting dumber every day.

letsa_go299d ago

Ohhhh you poor thing!! :'( Those downvotes must keep you awake at night!

UCForce300d ago

@rainslcker Yup, right now Epic Game get a free advertisement because BlueHole complained.

299d ago
Razzer300d ago

PU reacts worse in success than Hello Games does in controversy. lol

RadicalCannibal300d ago

Reacts worse than Phil Fish....actually maybe not

C-H-E-F300d ago

NOTHING NEW, that game MAG on PS3 had same concept only thing different is it was FPS only. blah blah blah booohoo

Twinblade300d ago

I wish there was gonna be another MAG type game for this generation.

rdgneoz3299d ago

Mag was fun as hell in the huge commander mode game with 128 v 128, or the 32 v 32 v 32 mode. Fun game.

C-H-E-F298d ago

likewise, the thing that gets me is the "bigger and better" technology gets, the worst games get, hahaha, like we had 128vs128 on PS3, PS4 COD still struggles 6v6, Socom had 16vs16 on the PS2, PS4/Xbox Ghost Recon struggles with 4v4 lmao, like I really don't get it man, let me not get started with racing games hahaha, but PUBG isn't doing anything new, so i have no idea why they are crying for, because taking an old game mode type and changing the name isn't creating a new thing ahahaha.

Sgt_Slaughter300d ago (Edited 300d ago )

All this did was give me a bad taste in my mouth about Bluehole, and hope they don't turn sour as this game gets more and more popular.

mercyblades300d ago

Which is so strange, b/c didn't the CEO or Lead Developer for PUBG say they wouldn't let the success "get to their heads"? Also, it's not like EpicGames attacked PUBG in any way.

Timesplitter14300d ago (Edited 300d ago )

The situation reminds me of when Bethesda sued "Prey for the Gods" devs because it hat "Prey" in it, and they were about to release Prey. Or when Candy Crush tried to trademark the word "Candy".

All the people responsible for these decisions/lawsuits are despicable monsters. You should be imposed a 10 million $ fine without warnings (and kicked in the shins) for even ATTEMPTING to do something like this.

But this situation is even more baffling because the creator of PUBG pretty much just copied DayZ entirely and just added a shrinking play zone. And not only that... they used Epic's engine to make the game. This is just insane-levels of ridiculous

ibrake4naps300d ago

Epic knows what that's like after gears of war's horde mode spawned countless copycats

Timesplitter14300d ago (Edited 300d ago )

GoW Horde Mode itself was a copycat. "Survive enemy waves" gameplay modes are almost as old as video games themselves

Cuzzo63300d ago

GoW is God of War

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