'Project CARS 2' now available from Bandai Namco

Bandai Namco's race car game 'Project Cars 2' is now available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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2pacalypsenow360d ago

I haven’t played the game but it holds an 88 on metacritic with 12 reviews so far.

craig2web360d ago

It seems like most critics tend to give overly high marks on most reviews. Look at user reviews on retailer sites - that should give you a better picture. Out of the box, it's a bit of a mess (requires a 13 gigabyte patch right off the bat). Default controller settings are way off - had to find suggested settings online to make it halfway reasonable. Decent selection of tracks, but not a lot of cars - mostly full bore race cars; very few street cars. No performance upgrades and only preformatted liveries. Compared to many other racing games, just feels a bit empty.

BenRC01360d ago

Agree. Utterly sterile. Most boring racer since... pc1.

craig2web360d ago

Definitely sterile - good descriptor.

360d ago
C-H-E-F360d ago

It feels much like PC1, I mean you can feel the enhancement they made to the physics and the dynamic weather system, but overall I don't think it warrants a direct upgrade. However, it's a decent game, if you didn't play PC1 then this is just as good, atleast an 8.5/10 but you have to be a pure racer, if you're looking for mods and all of that you may say this game is trash.