6 Things I Hope They Fix in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is out, and it is great. From story, to gameplay, to missions, to just about everything else, Destiny 2 surpasses its predecessor with flying colors. That’s not to say it’s perfect. There have been a couple of missteps this time around, be they unrefined additions, misguided changes, or just residual tissue from the game’s many refinements. Fortunately, Bungie has proven themselves to be flexible and proactive in addressing these kinds of things, so there’s hope to see these sorts of things ironed out in the coming months. Here’s six things I hope they fix in Destiny 2.

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AnubisG444d ago

I'm hoping they remove the timer from Nightfall. I don't like to be rushed through a game.

CorndogBurglar444d ago

I hated it at first too, but it definitely makes it more challenging!

AnubisG444d ago

I think it adds a cheap challange. I would rather have more difficult enemies, the kick back to orbit, or perhaps....maybe, just maybe...I don't know...better stage design?? I know, all radical ideas.

Kupa444d ago

Yeah, I don't mind it as a challenge rotation, but not as a regular aspect of the Nightfall.

joab777444d ago

I like it. Im not against rotating it in and out, but they have to add something else to keep the difficulty up. Im hoping that they continue to keep the difficulty maxed as we progress b/c otherwise theu become quickly outdated.

CorndogBurglar444d ago

Glimmer will play a bigger part starting next Tuesday when the Factions from D1 make a comeback. Whichever Faction wins for next week has their chosen weapon put up for sale by anyone in the game for 50,000 glimmer.

Kupa444d ago

Oh, I wasn't aware of this. That would certainly justify having so much of it.

joab777443d ago

Yep. $1000 for the winner and 50k for the losers. But, it will take an hoir for Youtube to post wgich weapin is best. Then everyoje will join that faction (Dead Orbit lol!) And Dead Orbit will win. Eventually, ppl may choose a faction for the look, but I think they should offer the same weapin each time so that you are picking the Faction because you want to.