PUBG vs Fortnite Who Owns Battle Royale?

With Bluehole, the developers behind Player Unknown's Battleground has found amazing luck and press this year with PUBG, as the game is still only in beta, but it is the number one game on Steam with over 1.3 million active players and there's no evidence of slowing down. But, Bluehole has found themselves in some troubling waters, with the claim that Epic Game's Fortnite, is openly admitting they are making a game mode very similar with PUBG. With legal action possibly on the horizon, is Bluehole in the right to claiming Epic is ripping them off? Or is PUBG overreacting, and being hypocritical for building off of very similar games and game types like ARMA, Day Z, and H1Z1?

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awdevoftw362d ago

They don't own the concept, nor is the game a complete carbon copy. Sorry butthole studios.

BlacKJesu5362d ago

It's a pretty blatant rip....if pubg was on ps4 ATM I'd be playing that tho

uptownsoul362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

PUBG vs Fortnite Who Owns Battle Royale?

Answer: GTA 5 wins the "Battle Royale" genre ...Since GTA 5 is doing the same thing within GTA Online (and 6.9 out of the 7 Billion people on the planet own GTA 5 already)

WeAreLegion362d ago

PUBG is a rip, too. It's just a really good rip.

Sam Fisher362d ago

I didnt even know gta had a br mode. Ill check it out

brich233362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

h1z1 came out way before pubg. Xbox One port will come in Early Access

TheSaint362d ago

And PUBG ripped off H1Z1 and they ripped off Hunger Games and they ripped off Battle Royale.....

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isarai362d ago

Exactly, don't know why everyone suddenly thinks PUBG created the concept, Day Z started it, and even they got the concept from the Battle Royal film from the 90's.

Tsuru362d ago

DayZ started a zombie Mod of survival. Not a battle royale pitting players against each other/.

zerocarnage362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

I doubt dayz started the battle royale mode, it was done way before then by God knows how many more games, sounds like your trying to somehow claim a Sony victory in something that doesn't require you too lmao.

All it is, is a free for all game mode and how many games on either pc or console have done free for all game modes this gen, last gen and the gen before, tons I tell you.

The touch part here is actually nailing down where it originated from but no way was dayz the creators of a free4all game mode. Call of duty did the free for all before days sure not as many players but the concept was in that, then there halo did free for all's, the list is massive.

Again the question is what dev and what game gave birth to free for all's. I can even go as far back as when online gaming came out for console when dreamcast had a ton of games 1998 or 99 or 2000 I'd put a bet on the free for all battle royale modes being born on a game there but I could be wrong. Then that would mean they were born on pc where the question remains what pc dev and title gave birth to free4all battle royal modes.

RommyReigns362d ago

By that logic, H1Z1 developers should sue PUBG.

Bladesfist362d ago

The PUBG mods came out 2 years before H1Z1. The real inspiration behind it is the movie and DayZ.

Tsuru362d ago

Except DayZ was more a Zombie mod then a battle royale mod against other players.

Bladesfist362d ago

The zombies sadly have never been an important part of DayZ. I played an upcoming build at Gamescom this year which is miles better than what we currently have though. DayZ is finally moving forward. Sadly the zombies still didn't really feel like a threat.

SonyWarrior362d ago

battle royals just copyed dayz and breaking point and all the other arma mods like this where people are all on a big map have to find guns but sped up the action zeroing in the playingfield and taking out respond

Yohshida362d ago

Here, have some history:

PLAYER UNKNOWN aka Brandon Greene was the person that MADE the H1Z1 Battle Royale mode. He first started developing the Battle Royale mode on DayZ before that and went over to Bluehole to make his own game after they offered him to. He is the grandfather of Battle Royale in Gaming.

zerocarnage362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

A battle royal is just another posh way of saying free4all that is all. I pretty much doubt H1 or Dayz were the place of birth of the free4all battle royal..

Even Mario kart on the snes before online gaming had free for all battle arena split screen, sure it has evolved over the decades but it sure didn't come from this gen, last gen or the gen before.

362d ago
nX362d ago

In another words he's a bitch who thinks something hillariously simple as that can be patented.

Yohshida362d ago

Whoa some dude on neogaf wrote it, MUST BE TRUE.
Im talking about Play Unknown and his history of inventing the genre.

Its not even close to a free 4 all. You jump out of a plane with 99 other people, trying to get loot and staying alive. Its more of a Survival game than anything else. Again, he was the first one to make the mod. The Battle Royale other devs try to copy are exactly the same formular he implemented.

362d ago
Yohshida362d ago

No sht Battle Royal is a movie... Nice research sherlock. Did he also make the first game? Oh? NO???? WHAAAT
Did he perfected the formular? Smaller getting maps, 100 players, loot, drops etc? Yeah, no

362d ago
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nowitzki2004362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

PlayerUnkown was hired by Sony to bring in BattleRoyale to H1Z1

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lal, 1. what has already been said in other comments 2. Fortnite battle royale is fucking horrible and non-competitive... not even compareable. Not that PUBG is perfect, because it most fucking definitely is NOT.

zerocarnage362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

Yet I'd say it's more challenging because it's more thought out and you can build, can you build on pubg?? It's a whole different ball game when you can build as well, creating buildings and traps with one way systems/bottlenecks or lure your enemy's through a maze to come get you, then there's the chance a player may of just walked through that for nothing and the person your after is not even there..

JamesBondage362d ago

there isnt enough time to build...


You and all who downvoted my comments need to learn how to be more objective, just because you all suck like shit at any competitive game.. does NOT make a shitty game like Fortnite better, jeeze.

rainslacker361d ago

If they're not comparable then what exactly is Bluehole's problem? I thought the impetus of the complaint was that Epic copied them.

Kiknyonutz362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

Honestly, good for Epic. This is a huge win for PS4 owners since PUBG hasn't been confirmed for them and I personally think it's healthy for the market to have competition. I think MS and Bluehole thought had the genre tied up for a while and were cagey about their plans, that's what you get. You should have made the game for all consoles and been more aggressive about developing / contacting other studios to port in a reasonable amount of time. Look at ARK... The was in development Hell and they got it on the PS Store...

Sam Fisher362d ago

Exactly, i as a ps owner, i really want to play pugb. But ms got to them which is ok, but bluehole going from every one is getting to well hmm i don't know 🤷‍♀️. Did bluehole not think that if they didn't seize the opportunity nobody would? Epic seen an opportunity and didn't hesitate not one bit, win. Sony probably wouldve probably went for it too if epic didnt go first. Which by the way, wtf happened to h1z1 or dayz coming ps4?

362d ago
rainslacker361d ago

I'd really rather not see this become some stupid console war thing.

I think the principal of what's being discussed is important, and diluting the nature of artistic interpretation is much more important than some silly console war.

While it may be amusing to see that maybe MS didn't get quite the coup they were hoping for because PS has an option, it doesn't need to be more than an amusement. Realistically though, there are always options. There will always be options, and right now, PUBG is only being made into the big deal it is because it's Xbox exclusive. before the Xbox announcement, I never once saw a single console gamer ever mention the game. I knew about it, but never really cared. now it's suddenly some huge get on MS part.

Father__Merrin362d ago

I hope fortnite brings in lots of players. Pubg looks rubbish in comparison

UCForce362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

The thing is that BlueHole shouldn't blame on Epic.

Frinker362d ago

I agree but PUGB still looks way better

UCForce362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

You know BlueHole sue Epic Game like that, that will give Epic Game a free advertising. Like I said, BlueHole shouldn't blame Epic. Besides PUGB is using their game engine.

RommyReigns361d ago

BlueHole used Epic's Unreal Engine for PUBG, it's like biting the hand that feeds you :D

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bluefox755362d ago

I agree, it looks pretty repetitive IMO.

Frinker362d ago

My 135 hours playtime say otherwise

zerocarnage362d ago

I enjoy fortnite on Xbox one, love the game to be honest..

nowitzki2004362d ago

People tripping now with statements like these, what drugs are you on? I like both but Fortnite is no PUBG lol.

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