Minecraft Better Together Update Unstable, Players Reporting Glitching, Crashes & Dashboard Lag

Many users that have tried Minecraft's new "Better together" update and they are reporting that it is unstable and very buggy.

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gamer7804301d ago

i'm sure they'll continue to improve it, my main issue is only some of my dlc are showing up, they say they are aware of that though. I was able to play cross platform on xbox one and iOS with multiple people split screen on the xbox version and solo players on the iPad.

Captain_J_Sheridan301d ago

to be honest, I'm very happy the PS4 version was left out, I don't like the idea of a game changing completly after I bough it for what it was

gamer7804301d ago

the best part is if you bought it digitally you get to keep both versions, even if you bought it on disc, so i can go back and play the original version i bought, or can play the new one. The new one honestly even though its not totally perfect yet is far superior, the ease of playing with others is awesome. And you get access to all new content and worlds to play in.