3rd Party Games and Nintendo Switch: No Excuses?

With Bethesda showing the Switch so much love and saying that they're not stopping anytime soon, when will we see the same from other developers?

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wonderfulmonkeyman82d ago

Hopefully the next two to pull out all the stops will be Square-Enix and Capcom.
I'd also like Bandai-Namco to start putting out more Tales titles; we already know that there's an unannounced Tales Of title coming to Switch sometime soon, but no one knows what it will be yet.
Switch is turning into a haven for good RPG's, and I couldn't be happier to see it.

whiteblue81d ago (Edited 81d ago )

Doom is a really amazing game with 60 fps

nitus1081d ago

Things are a bit confusing. Some say the Switch version of Doom runs at 60fps but so far the consensus seems to be a relatively stable 30fps which for a game like this considering the hardware is not bad.

The main problem with Doom on the Switch may be the storage requirements whereby the Switch version needs a separate download (you know where that will go don't you?) for online multiplayer although if you purchase the game via download you (of course) will need a MicroSD card however it will come with everything.
except for the "snap editor".

FallenAngel198481d ago

Well if these kind of third party games end up not selling well on Switch, I'd say that'd be a valid reason and concern

wonderfulmonkeyman81d ago

I agree with that, but it shouldn't be a snap decision after just one or two that don't do too hot, since not every game can be Call of Duty/Battlefield-sized in sales.
There are plenty of cases where games on the other systems don't get huge limelight or super high sales, yet devs keep games coming in order to land the games that will do so.
Showing the same effort on Switch would instill confidence in the fanbase and lead to better chances in the long run, methinks.

_-EDMIX-_81d ago

I mean yes I believe they should make a quick decision because what you're trying to say is keep losing millions of dollars on an audience that does not want to buy a game.

They don't need to do that on PlayStation 4 Xbox One and PC

You also need to consider when the wii sold 100 million units Call of Duty games were barely moving past one to two million sales on the wii even with its selling better than PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 , in fact most Call of Duty games sold around 13 to 14 million units on PlayStation 3 and 360 each yet around the one to two million units on the Wii, so are you going to suggest they should just keep making a bunch of titles? Consider how much did that really helped Activision? They literally released basically every major Call of Duty game on the Wii and for multiple entries you did not really see any increase near what you saw from PlayStation 3 and 360 even with those systems having less user.

So I'm sorry buddy I have no clue how much money and how many years are company needs to waste waiting for a community to buy something cuz that's not how that works on other platforms.

So I don't know how long you need to instill this confidence in a damn fan base that had every major Call of Duty game and 97 million people decided they did not want to buy Call of Duty regardless of the number of entries released.

So I don't know how your theory is going to work when we have an example of it already not working

it's very hard to say something is going to happen when history has shown that is not how any of that works.

_-EDMIX-_81d ago

Absolutely agreed they have a good reason to not put content on this system if it doesn't perform well.

It's going to be hard to even keep a fanbase long-term on this system with them always having weak systems so when PlayStation 5 and Xbox 2 come out you telling me all third parties just going to be holding back all their content to keep supporting the switch?

I know they're going to move on to fully support PlayStation 5 and Xbox 2 because they still actively need to compete against other Publishers, so once again it's going to get another several years without support until Nintendo's next system and then we have another uphill battle once again.

Nintendo is creating this type of chaos for themselves.

This is literally what happened with the Wii U before PlayStation 4 and Xbox one came out I would say it's even worse because the switch is already missing Call of Duty Mass Effect Deus Ex Assassin's Creed Watch Dogs and many other series.

I mean for god sakes those companies are not even wasting a dime on playing a wait-and-see they're just outright not supporting the system from the jump with some of their top AAA games like they did for the Wii u.

That's saying a whole lot in regards to how many Publishers have no faith in this community to buy content from third-party.

Einhander197181d ago

After seeing doom running there are no excuses, slight exceptions maybe but no excuses:)