Fortnite Battle Royale And Why Sony's Stance On Cross-Network Play Sucks For Gamers

TSA writes: "The topic of cross-platform play was thrust into the spotlight once again this past weekend thanks to Epic Games’ Fortnite. A “configuration issue” on the developer’s side meant that Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players were cropping up in the same Battle Royale sessions and even able to specifically team up. The fact that Xbox gamertags allow spaces while PlayStation Network IDs do not led users to investigate further until it was finally confirmed."

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JaguarEvolved365d ago

Sony giving privileges to Xbox sucks for Sony also.

Erik7357365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

No duh it's bad from a company perspective, especially if you have market majority in the console market, but from a gamers perspective it's great and it's something people have thought about pretty much since the beginning of ps3/360.Like there's nothing you can say to defend sony for being a dick on this for a gamer. It's like trying to defend Microsoft for allowing no used games, drm, or mandatory Kinect plugged in. You could litterly have the same shitty argument you put for those topics but that didn't happen from you did it when Xbox one was revealed?

cleft5364d ago

I wouldnt put no cross-network on the same level as what Microsoft pulled. But I will agree that it is a company decision meant to benefit Sony as oppose to the gamers. At the same rate, that is the nature of exclusive content right.

TFJWM364d ago

Why would any company implement a policy that helps their direct competitions users more than their own?

Chevalier364d ago


Facts you ignore:

Fortnite crossplay between PC and Xbox has been blocked and removed.
PS4 has more crossplay games
PS has had more crossplay games over last 2 gen than Xbox
PS has been more consistent with crossplay
FF XIV can't be put up on Xbox due to problems with policy which is supposedly open?!

Yet you are on your crusade and tirading like a child. Want to explain the absolute inconsistencies with MS BEFORE complaining about what the competition is doing? Didn't you say NOT to defend BS like what past MS DRM, always on etc.? No answer for Xbox BS though?!

Big_Game_Hunters364d ago

Good thing Sony is a corporation and not gamers then.

masterfox365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

This kind of matter about cross console communication is very annoying, if Sony wants to do it great, if Sony doesn't want to do it great also, but stop begging for this, this just makes MS look desperate of some of the PS4 success even thou this article is about Fortnite I think, still this cross blah blah thing was brought out cause of MS desperation and failed console, if you want to play with xbone players well go out and buy its console, support them and stop crying, simple as that. Seriously this cross gaming matter wasn't even a thing some while ago. And finally this doesn't suck for gamers don't generalize this like if it was an actual issue, the last thing I want to have when playing online is some brats yelling all the freaking time like the 360 era, not all of them but man there were so many!!.

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Erik7357365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

" it makes Microsoft look desperate of some.of ps4 success- " LOL

AKA this is a sony fanboy' s way of desperately trying to avoid saying it makes Xbox look good in some sort of light.

badz149364d ago

do Sony has the obligation to make the Xbone looks good? NO! why do they have to open the PSN just so Xbone owners will have access to the largest pool of online players at the moment? MS has Windows which is selling without they even trying but Sony only has the PS ecosystem. for them, if you really want to play together with the PS4 players THAT much, got buy a PS4. it's that simple!

this crossplay begging has gone too far IMO. it's like you bought an electric car but you demand all gas stations to have charging stations too. NO. you go to your designated charging stations. gas stations are for diesels and gasoline only.

_-EDMIX-_364d ago

Why would it be Sony's job to make sure such a thing happen for Microsoft? Have you not considered that this company has been doing cross play on more platforms the longest out of any company?

I mean you conveniently never talk about that.

Theknightofnights364d ago

Why is it great if Sony doesn't want to participate in giving the consumer a larger player base to play with?

CyberSentinel364d ago

It’s great because it’s M$ desperate attempt to keep bots from “jumping out”.
M$ didn’t secure exclusive deals with some third party companies, bungie (destiny 1&2) activision (call of duty) ea (battlefront 1&2) and now rockstar (red dead redemption 2). Those deals cost Sony a lot of money, if M$ wants (needs) to fill games for its own platform, to keep its player base from dying, then pay them!

Theknightofnights364d ago


Those deals are easier for Sony to obtain because they have a larger install base. Remember last generation when the 360 had those same deals? I'm sure MS isn't opposed to the idea of paying for market rights (they did with Battlefield 1), but many publishers simply don't want to give MS marketing rights because their system has a lower install base.

Not to mention, why do you care what costs Sony money? It seems like you are more concerned about Sony as a business than video games as a gamer.

CyberSentinel364d ago (Edited 364d ago )


I never said it wasn’t cheaper (or easier) for Sony to secure those deals then it would of been for M$ to secure them. The question is who needs them more.
Why do I care? I care because M$ wants something for nothing.

Black0ut364d ago

Just ignore some of these deluded fanboys dude. They're just looking to spread childish hate as im sure you're already aware.

Cyber, get help. Thanks.

iceman06364d ago

It's NOT. But, it's not this evil, nefarious plot either. It's a corporation doing what corporations do...looking after it's own interests. MS did the same when they were in the majority. Why are we shocked when corporations do corporate things!?

extermin8or363d ago

@thekinghtofnights: Sony secured Destiny 1 at launch of ps4 though before we even new how the consoles were going to sell. Also notice Sony has crossplay with many steam titles even in future. The ever so open xbox live currently has windows store versions of pc games that can't crossplay with steam.... It also lends some credence to sony's claim about security concerns clearly there is a difference between steams security and servers and setup than there is with xbox live. That or MS has some specific requirements sony aren't compfortable with.

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_-EDMIX-_364d ago

I agree

Something is sad if you have a fan base that is so desperate for Content that this is the thing they're begging for at this point.

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Rimeskeem365d ago

The only gamers it sucks for is Xbox honestly. No one on PS that I know cares about playing with Xbox.

Erik7357365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

Oh yea sucks for Xbox gamers that they can play against other gamers across other gaming devices like Switch/PC and potentially ps4 if sony stops being a dick. Sucks for them right? I've heard people say it doest matter, that's some what of a coherent argument compared to what you said I guess, but saying it's bad for gamers? Wow you take the cake here Rimeskeem congratulations you officially lowered the bar for n4g.

This site , no matter how stupid something is, will always side with Sony.

TejasTV364d ago

"Oh yea sucks for Xbox gamers that they can play against other gamers across other gaming devices like Switch/PC and potentially ps4 if sony stops being a dick. Sucks for them right?"


-PS4 owners

Erik7357364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

Oh reply to my comment saying how so. I would love to hear the bullshit spew out of people's mouth on here about how it creates a worse experience for the gamer being able to play with pc/switch gamers for the xbox gamer.

TFJWM364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

If you have no trouble finding matches why would you care if you are only playing ps4 players or only ps4/pc gamers or xbox/pc/ps4 gamers.

extermin8or363d ago

Well we've had crossplay with pc players on steam for literally years on a range of titles so.... Switch has also been proposed so really I don't see ps4 players losing out....

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Theknightofnights364d ago

I own a PS4 and I would love to play with all consoles.

Black0ut364d ago

Right Rime, so no one you know wants it which equates to the entirety of PS gamers.

The comments lol...

Truth is i'd love to see PS vs Xbox cross play as there'd be more servers to play on amd more competition to play against.

I know a lot of people who would love this.

_-EDMIX-_364d ago


I care about getting games and playing lots of fun games I could care less about playing with another install base of Gamers as that something that's not even noticeable.

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Big_Game_Hunters364d ago

Sony getting cocky once again. They better hope PS5 is the best place to play Fifa and COD.

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