Monster Hunter World Looks Spectacular in 11 Minutes of PS4 Multiplayer Gameplay Hunting Barroth

Watch a group of four hunters take on the hard-headed Barroth in 11 minutes of Monster Hunter World direct feed gameplay on PS4 recorded at Tokyo Game Show.

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corroios81d ago

So cool. This will be the big seller of January 2018

PurpHerbison80d ago

I hope sliding down hills isn't something that happens automatically.

Muadiib80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

It's not. At 5:52 you can see the guy on the left slides and then stops whilst still on a slope, proving it's something you can choose to do.

Woolly_80d ago

I loved bashing Barroth's head with a hammer on MH3U.

World is looking solid :)

Kyosuke_Sanada80d ago

They didn't carve the tail!? -shakes head-

windblowsagain80d ago

This will sell millions of PS4'S in Japan.

mezati9980d ago

yeah this will EASILY become best selling PS4 game in japan

thatguyhayat79d ago

Yeah hopefully they will bring future titles to PlayStation

_-EDMIX-_79d ago

I think that goes without saying. I believe their plans are to make this the future of the series on multiple high-end platforms.

_-EDMIX-_79d ago

Agreed this game is going to move massive units for PS4

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The story is too old to be commented.